Thursday 1 September 2022

Website Updates and UX Testing

 For this I am just checking my website and updating as necessary and making sure all links work and update anything that could be improved 

I will begin by checking my copyright notice and this is correct and appearing on each page 

I also am updating my social links and I have updated my Linkedin recently so I have added this and it should appear at the bottom of each page 

I have published again to ensure that everything is live and working. I then check my homepage and the navigation and the image and menu is all working.  On my portfolio page clearly I had used it to instruct students and so there were random buttons and pages that were not linked I have fixed these and published again.

I checked all other pages and these work and are proofread and published again.  I then checked my mobile view as this is how most people will view my website.  

Contact page is okay however the portfolio page does not work properly and will need adjustments I will nedd to work on this and so I will come back to this later for redesign.

I checked all the actual portfolio pages and these are all laid out out properly and work well - here is an examples of one of my portfolio pages. 

The About page is working well and the artists statement 

I also previewed the mobile view and checked the menu is working and all other links are working.

So everything has been checked and in my next post I will show the redesign of my portfolio front page as this is really not working on the mobile view.