Friday 1 December 2023



Uncertain Times (2023) Film Still By Zoe Van-de-Velde

This term I began by talking about Persian Art however as I started to consider ideas for what I would like to create this term, more and more I felt that the weight of life is heavy in these times.  Therefore, I chose to create a video that would reflect that feeling of Uncertain Times.  

To create the video I used copyright-free footage, originally I wanted to use some of my own footage but I felt after the software practice that the footage I was using worked really well with the music I had chosen from the free music archive. I had more of a vision of the final film after that and did feel that I could make something that really did reflect that feeling of weltschmerz that I was after.  I changed all the footage to black and white and I used a pale filter over this so that it worked together.  I was pleased with the edits I used in this film and it was smooth and easy to watch.  I do think it does have an impact.  Overall I was happy with my final piece and the message that I believe I had conveyed well.  This was also my first new piece for my new website.

My old website had become unwieldy with too much work and buttons and things going on.  So I did start from scratch and I felt the new look and the new work really made this work.  The navigation is good on the site however I do still think that the About page image needs improving and I am looking forward to adding some photographic work but I want to take more time to consider what I would like to include here. 

I was also quite pleased about my organisation of time and completing all work before the deadlines so that I had this ready for classes, this also meant that the work was not rushed and I did spend time on it and I could take more care to ensure that I could find any errors.  For instance, when I first rendered the final edit of the video I discovered that one of the clips had reverted back to color and there was a slight jump in the music halfway through.  I went back and corrected these mistakes and rendered the video again.  

I am looking forward to the next term now as I can create new photographs and there will be some creative writing work that I am looking forward to showcasing on my website.