Wednesday 29 November 2023

Website Feedback and UX Testing

 To test my website I created a Google Form with questions regarding my website and how it worked. I then embedded the form into the navigation bar.  I then published my website.  My address was shared with group so that they could test my website and answer questions on my feedback form.  In this post I am going to analyse the feedback and explain how I responded to this. I got 5 responses to my questions here is the feedback and my response to each. 

All of the respondents thought my homepage was excellent or good.  I think that the homepage works for the moment however I do think I would like to change the image to a sliding gallery in the future so that the front image changes and shows more of a range of work.  

The navigation on my website I was pleased with and did think it worked well, I do think that it is important to keep checking everything works particularly on the mobile view.

Most people liked my About Page however some did not enjoy this page and only thought it was okay.  I think the image needs adjusting on this page as my head is slightly cut off and so I changed the image and republished

I also checked the mobile view - I am not sure whether I like this yet but I will check this again later and reflect on this. 

My contact page was successful  as can be seen here and this page I do think is good with some different work.

My social links all work well, I am going to test these again just to ensure that they are working on the mobile and desktop views.

My portfolio pages were quite successful, I was quite pleased with these as there was past work in different formats and the present work which was my new film, which I thought the final outcome showed some good editing skills.  I was also pleased with the buttons and navigation here and I think this works quite smoothly.

I am glad people enjoyed the overall design, I do think it is consistent in font and colours and that the images and work match well to the design of the site.

It was very important to get the mobile view right and I did spend more time on this as I really wanted this to work well as this is where most people will view my work initially.  Overall I am happy with the feedback and thought that this was a useful exercise. 

The comments were good and I am also looking forward to adding more work and making a few tweaks to improve the site in the future.  

Monday 20 November 2023

Website Updates & Evaluation

 In this post I will add my final website updates that I have been working on.  I will begin with my homepage - this remains unchanged and I think I will be keeping this as it is for now.

My contact and About page I already added the updates to previous posts.  I want to concentrate here on the portfolio section as these are the updates where I have added previous work and my finalised project for this term. 

As can be seen, I now have three sections film/Performance, Writing & Photography.  I have added additional pages to all of these and added button links by clicking on the 'add' button and choosing button and then customising each button design using Palantino Linotype as this was the font of my website.  I then added links to each page that I added. 

My final project 'Uncertain Times' I adjusted the introduction as my completed film had evolved from the original idea and then I uploaded my film to YouTube so that it can be easily inserted here. 

I also added a 'Back to Portfolio' Button at the top to ensure easy navigation back and forth through the site.  I then added my new page which included two previous films - as you can see I also added a Back to Portfolio button here too and introductions to each film.

On the Writing I added Writing Links these are links to content writing online about Photography - this page still needs a back button added 

The final page was a photography book project which I completed previously - I wanted to add this as it was a good example of a Digital Flipbook - however, I also have this in hard copy and it is available on Blurb which I need to add here. 

 I also checked my mobile view and as I expected I have to rearrange the front portfolio page so i did this so now it should scroll and everything is in the correct position 

I also changed the page with my book on as this did not work well, I still think this may need further work 

I will now add the questions that we will all be considering in class today so that we can evaluate our own site

Website Evaluation 

Planning stage:
What were your initial ideas for creating a website? style / name / template

I wanted to create a website that represented my photography and performance/film work.  Therefore I wanted to ensure that I included on my homepage my own work and I envisioned the site being mostly in black and white so I picked a photography template that I thought I could work with.  I was using my own name and I wanted it to be really clear what the site was for so that I would attract the right visitors

Do you have a tagline on your website? 

No I am not marketing anything as such so have not included this.

Which designers / artists (relevant to your continuation route) websites did you look for inspiration? 

I looked at the websites of Katy Grannan and Corrine Day, I looked at these websites as they are both women photographers whom I admire and both create images that have a style that is similar in some ways to my own so seeing these sites assisted me in considering how to set up the pages and navigation of my own sites and assisted me in understanding what works for the end user. 

How many pages did you want to make on your website and why? 

I created four main pages that are on the navigation bar these were Home, About, Contact and the Front Portfolio page.  I then created four more pages that were part of my portfolio and linked to the front portfolio page.  This keeps the navigation bar simple and clean and then users can access additional pages through the front portfolio page and the drop down sub menu under portfolio. 

 Did that change as you progressed onto the research / designing stage?

The additional portfolio pages were added after research and looking at other websites as stated above. I wanted to show a range of presentation techniques.  I will add a photo gallery once I have created a new collection for this in later stages this year. 

What is the purpose of your website?

My website is mainly so that end users can enjoy my work and view the content at leisure.  However I can also use this website to sell work and I will be adding a link to Blurb as I already have this book for sale on this site.  So, at present if I am selling I am directing users to other sites where my work is for sale. 

Who are your potential website users?

My potential users are probably more likely to be Generation X, probably more women than men as I have a tendency to create feminist photography/film piece, I am hoping though that some of the film piece might also attract the older male viewer.  people who view this site are hopefully interested in photography and digital film as performance work.  

Why do you think it is important to have a digital portfolio website?

It is very important in this day and age to have a website as this is how most end users look at artwork, design, images, news events etc.  It is incredibly important that the site works exceptionally well on the mobile phone and all work is easy to navigate and is accessible.  Also your digital portfolio is part of your resume/CV, social media liked Linkedin (for jobs/professionals) and if I was going to apply to anything at an academic institution I would need a website portfolio. 

Which design elements / tools did you use? (e.g.: infographics, fixed header, static background image, navigation menu design, text boxes, image galleries, social media feed) and why? 

On my website I used in Wix a fixed header and footer.  I did this so that the header and footer would appear consistently on each page.  On my homepage I have used a static background with an image that fills the page.  I could change this to a slider later but to begin with I will keep the homepage simple.  The navigation menu I changed to the same font Palantino Linotype as my header.  In the footer I added social media icons - these were Linkedin, Twitter/X, Blogger and YouTube.  I also added the copyright ensuring I used the correct copyright symbol that also appears on each page.  I then added using the add button , button and links to move between pages, blank pages that I then could add galleries.  I also added an embedded site so that end users could use a flipbook.  I added a contact form that links to my email so that users can easily contact me and additional static image to design the site. 

Does your website have working social media icon links?

Yes as stated above

Are your pages connected / interlinked?

Yes as stated above I used buttons and subpages to ensure that there are many ways to move around my site.  I ensured I had back buttons so you are never stuck on a page. 

Is it easy to navigate?

Yes it is very easy to navigate but I will also UX test this in week nine to get user response. 

Does the “Contact” page / email link work?

Yes I have tested this and this works well 

Sunday 19 November 2023

Uncertain Times: Editing Decisions & Research

 When I began this project I was going to create something in the manner of Chris Marker's San Soliel with clips and narrative, using a story.  My final video did not quite end up like this.  I had the idea and feeling of my original idea which was about Weltschmerz and the mass feeling of anxiety in uncertain times but the edit itself was more like a music video as it features goth rock music, a woman dancing and, world crisis through the eyes of those experiencing it.  It reminded me more of the beginning of Sense 8.

This is a little like Sans Soleil on speed, the world can be seen through the people, things, places, event, nature, people laughing, dancing. Sense 8 itself was the story of; 'eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked due to an unknown evolutionary leap. It explores subjects that its writers felt sci-fi shows tend to ignore such as politics, identity, sexuality, gender, and religion.' (Fandom Sense 8, 2023).  I enjoyed the ideas in Sense 8 about connection, the universialty of experience and that it what I wanted to bring through in my own short piece, the universal feeling of anxiety, this collective unrest within us. In Sense 8, the cast expressed that the series; 'Sense8 is an artistic construct built on ‘celebration’, ‘connection’, ‘diversity’ and ‘difference’.' (Gerasopoulos, 2018).  Looking at anxiety levels across the world Deloitte states that there is a 'polycrisis', this means; 'Collectively, the world has confronted a lot over the last few years. Pandemic. Inflation. War. Global recession warnings. Energy crisis. Climate change. Some observers are referring to this unique moment in time as “polycrisis”—the convergence of many disparate social, economic, geopolitical, environmental, and technological stressors, whose combined impact surpasses the sum of their parts.' (Rogers & Pieters, 2023) However, in this piece, the argument is that anxiety is actually falling across the world but there are differences depending upon the 'stressors' applied to each country.  The report here states that the easing of financial pressure very slightly has made people feel less stressed. The pandemic anxiety is moving away and previously people had shown more anxiety about climate change but with the polycrisis it seems that people are showing less concern about this probably as they have too many other concerns. There is evidence that people today feel much more anxious than in the 1950s.  Squires states that today; 'Social support and connectedness have decreased significantly, due in part to rising divorce rates, lower participation in community activities and an increased number of people living alone. Reported trust in others also has declined significantly from the 1950s to the 1990s.' (Squires, 2000) Again we arrive back at that feeling of connectedness and people now crave this connectedness but with the rise in technology this is becoming a more distant communion and this in itself has made people feel loneliness yet at the same time they argue, they are more connected.  

We live in strange and daunting times of serious upheaval and change and that is why I chose the clips that I chose for my film, there are wars, protests, unrest, in Britain strikes, financial crisis, NHS crisis, food supply, Brexit, climate change, the list does go on.  Times are difficult and they may get harder, the future seems close and not for the greater good.


Rogers, S. and Pieters, L. (2023) A world less anxious, Deloitte Insights. Available at: (Accessed: 19 November 2023). 

Fandom: Sense8 (no date), Sense8 Wiki. Available at: (Accessed: 19 November 2023). 

Gerasopoulos, V. (2018) Sense8: Aspiring for ‘a different story about difference’ - mai: Feminism & visual culture, MAI. Available at: (Accessed: 19 November 2023). 

Squires, S. (2000) The age of anxiety, The Washington Post. Available at: (Accessed: 19 November 2023). 

Saturday 18 November 2023

The Final Edit: Uncertain Times

 I have collected most of my stock videos and now I want to put this together for the final edit. I will again use Clipchamp and I am sticking with my theme of Uncertain Times.  

I chose my final clips which were two clips of a girl dancing in a nightclub, a boy with a gas mask, grey smoke, an explosion and a man with human rights on his back.  

I began by uploading my clips by clicking on 'import media'.  

I then added the videos to the timeline.  I just clicked on the 'add' button on the clip and then move the clips into place. 

I then because cutting videos into the correct edits, I did this using the cutting tool

I then began adding transitions.  I used the cross fade throughout, I just dragged this to the timeline and clicked where I wanted to add these.

I then added a muted black and white filter to each clip to get the look I wanted for the film. I did this by clicking on Filters in the right hand menu and then the chosen filter. 

I also added the titles and credits I clicked on the Text icon on the lefthand menu and chose typewriter.  I chose crimson text font and then added the correct credits for the film clips and music I had chosen.  I also used the fade in and out function in the left hand menu for the end credits and the end of the film.  

I also added the music to the timeline, this was from the music archive and it was the same music from my practice as I believe it worked really well. This was an MP4 file.

Once I had checked and rechecked the video and ensured there were no gaps or cuts that were too long, I went to export video.  I changed the title and exported this in high quality HD.

Once it was downloaded to my computer I uploaded this to my YouTube channel - this was going to take a while so I left this to complete and did something more interesting!

When this is completed I will be uploading to my website.  I will reflect on the complete film in my next post.

Please find my completed film here: Uncertain Times

Thursday 16 November 2023

Creating a Website: Portfolio/Gallery Page

 Today I created my Portfolio front page, I did this so that I could add projects as I go through the year.  My first step was to click on the left hand menu and click on 'Pages and Menu'.  I then went to Portfolio and removed the template collection and associated links. 

I then went to the 'Add' button and went 'Text' and added a Heading and changed the font to Palantino Linotype at 70 pts

I then changed the image and edited so I had a small square box to fit onto my page I did this by uploading my image to Wix and then going into the image editor and clicking on 'Crop and Edit'

I then added my new image to the page and added a 'button'  I did this by going to the plus sign in the menu on the left hand side and then going to 'Button' and then dragging and dropping into my page 

I then went to the menu and added a new page which will be my project page for this term I renamed it 'Uncertain Times' and then dragged it under the Portfolio and made this into a subpage.  I then went back to back to the button and added a link to the button to my project page. 

I then previewed to check that the link worked and that the navigation is good ready for the upload of my project.

I then added a 'Back to Portfolio Button on my project page and changed the font and colour to make sure it was clear that this was a button to return to my front portfolio page.  I previewed and tested this to make sure it worked 

I then went back to Portfolio Page and edited the button there to be consistent with same font and button and adding my project title I previewed again and checked it worked.

I then tested the gallery by adding an appropriate gallery for my work, in this case it was a film so I clicked on the add button and went to Videos.

I chose the YouTube Video as my Video is on my YouTube channel  I added and then I tested this out my saving and clicking on Preview and clicking on the video. 

I then clicked on the add button again and added Text as a paragraph and then pasted in my Introduction which I wrote in week six. I changed the font again to be consistent then I saved and previewed this 

Lastly, I checked the mobile view I changed the text size and button size to fit the page better.  I lined up the title and button so that it was centre aligned and move the video to the top so it was the first thing the viewer saw rather than the introduction. 

I will update next week when I add my final project.  I think that the design and layout works and I am happy with this at the moment. 

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Ideal Customer: Uncertain Times Film

 In this post, I am showing my ideal customer for Uncertain Times.  My film as it will be a more obscure rather arty affair is a little more difficult to capture an ideal customer so I wanted to create someone who collects art and is interested in more conceptual works.  I therefore created the character below as my Ideal Customer.  Click on the link and you should be able to view the published version on Venngage. 

Monday 13 November 2023

Further Research: Daido Moriyama

 Daido Moriyama is a Japanese Photographer who photographs the streets of Japan, he captures the darkness and underbelly of society which is why I was interested in looking at his work in relation to my own project Uncertain Times,  'Daidō Moriyama is a master in transforming the mundane into the remarkable.' (The Independent Photographer, 2021).  Moriyama started working as a photographer in the aftermath of the Second World War and like Lee Miller's images there is a darkness and horror that is underlying the shadow of such great destruction and death that is a presence in the images that he creates. Moriyama's street black and white, low key street images have an uncanny quality.  These high contrast images were created using a small compact Ricoh camera. It has been argued that Moriyama has rejected technical precision in favour of the subject; 'the artist captures a diaristic experience of wandering city streets. “The city has everything: comedy, tragedy, eulogy, eroticism,” he has remarked. “It is the ideal setting, the place where people’s desires are interwoven. It has remained and will always remain my natural element.”'(Artnet, 2023).  This idea of life in all its forms being shot, captured immortalised is what is important in these images, and considering the times we are in now, if I look at the city streets in Leicester there is a tragic and grimy quality to life as it descends through depression, poverty, madness, mental illness, drugs and alcohol as numbing agents to a world that has become very challenging to live in.  

Below in this image, at the forefront is a half-naked man creating a strange gesture with his hand, it is uncertain what this might mean, is he waving? Placing his hand to God? He displays his palm upwards, but to what purpose?  His face is covered, so that the eye of the camera does not see? Or because he does not want the world to see his face? The street behind him looks wet from rain and it looks cold, yet he only wears a pair of small shorts, he looks slightly undernourished and the man strangely squatting behind him, is he drinking from a bowl? - he also is not dressed and looks undernourished.  The street is dirty and the woman in the image standing in the doorway on the other side is wearing a shabby dress over a tight fitting vest that again displays bones and malnutrition.  her sharp face set off by a hat with a flower.  Is she a prostitute or a cleaner or maid?  The leading line stretching down the street reveals more people in a further doorway, what are they doing there?  Behind the man's head, there seems to be children and people waiting, maybe it is a bus stop of some kind.  The light in the image seems to be coming from an overcast sky and this uncanny scene does not seem to make much sense in the frame. The lightness of the men's skin against the blackness of the street create a balance of light and dark.

Moriyama was anti-establishment and his images in the 1960s and early 70s were of the street, prostitutes, gangsters, the homeless, the disenchanted, the forgotten, Tokyo Cowboy states; '[Moriyama] Snapping photos seemingly at random and exposing them hastily, he would churn out oddly cropped shots of Tokyo’s pedestrians, gangsters and prostitutes. This chaotic process added to the raw feeling in his work and provided a truly organic insight into Tokyo’s backstreets.' (tokyo cowboy, n.d.)  I do want to try to capture the raw feeling of the images shown here but also I wanted to also capture the kind of euphoria and mild hysteria people feel before the end and that is why I wanted to include the dancing, I definitely want this in the final film.

Jumping forward Moriyama created these strange dancing images for a fashion collection.  In both images the leading line follows the street into the distance, the built up city surrounds the subject. She/he stands alone in the street creating the same angular dancing shape. 'The figures often seem to be in a state of struggle, so that the backdrop enacts a complicated embrace – home, but the kind of home that thrusts the subject into a state of tension and even distress' (Katie Kitamaura, 2023).Both look downwards in a passive acceptance of the camera but not engaging directly in contact with the world.  The white/black high contrast works well with the fashion this is advertising and again as the street image above the white of the flesh contrasts heavily with the blackness of the street. Although these images are taken around 60 years apart and the method, camera and the street are different, there is a feeling that I am in the same streets with the same weather, the same feeling.


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Sunday 12 November 2023

Stock Videos for Uncertain Times

 I wanted to collect some stock footage for my final film of Uncertain Times so I began by collecting some explosions from both Pixabay and Pexels 

Grey Smoke

I like the idea of using the explosions of smoke and mingling these with the dancing and music as per my practice pieces. I may add a woman dancing and then I will shoot myself and add this to the shots 

I still like the one I originally got from Cotton Bro on Pexels however this video exceeds the limit I can show on here... 

I will add to this post a short storyboard to show further my ideas and explain how the shots will come together.  

I added these and other videos I collected in preparation for making my film to my drive so that I had these saved and available wherever I was working.

Thursday 9 November 2023

Website Research: Katy Grannan & Corrine Day

 As I am creating my own Art Photography/Performance website I will look at two photographers websites whose work I admire; Katy Grannan & Corrine Day.  Here I am analysing the website itself, and how the work of the artists is displayed and how easy and functional the website is for the user.  This website research will assist me in understanding how to create my own website so I will consider the overall design, colours, and typography, navigation, usability/user-friendliness, links and mobile view.

I will begin with the Katy Grannan Website.  I will begin the homepage design, the homepage here although looks interesting and is well laid out in a grid format with a landscape header, it has the artists name however it does not state what kind of artist she is or that in fact she is a photographer and filmmaker. When I click into the film at the top - it just states 'trailer for film' but there is no introduction and I do not know what this is about.  I click into he other boxes and there are just a single image and do not lead anywhere just state and event or exhibition.  This is very disappointing as I cannot directly from the homepage click into her work. 

I then went onto the navigation bar, this is on the left hand side and includes galleries, exhibitions, screening and how to connect.  It is very simple and easy to use but also not very interesting in design and when I click on the first tab 'Galleries' It is just a page with the galleries her work shows at. 

As can be seen from this image there are no images! just a list of galleries and the same is true of the Screenings page which is just a list on a black page and the Exhibitions  (a list on a black page) 

The About Page follows suit with no images and just a black page and a biography which includes a short history of the artists career.

The Social Media connects to Facebook, Twitter/X and Instagram. Grannan does not have a huge number of followers on Facebook or Twitter (around 800) however on Instagram she has 11.3k .  There  are posts but clearly they are not all as well used as they could be.  

I then checked the mobile phone website and this was pretty much the same except the homepage just scrolls through the grid squares.  The black page are the same but some of these have not been adjusted for the phone view so do not fit on the page properly. 

Overall the experience of using this website was highly disappointing I wanted to look at galleries' of images and really explore the wok and instead there are just black pages with lists or singular images to promote something. There was essentially very little photography and I would not visit this site again. 

The second website I looked at was Corrine Day Website.  I will begin with the homepage which actually contains a biography/history as Day died young, starting off as a model and then becoming a photographer at the height of heroine chic.  Day was close friends with her muses and this intimacy is reflected in her images. 

The homepage here has a black background and white text it states simply her name and that she is a photographer and includes her images which make the page immediately more interesting and I want to see more. Scrolling down the page there is quite a of of information as this site is created by the Corrine Day Estate and in the footer there are different email contact addresses for enquires about her work. The copyright symbol is in the footer and there is a copyright statement and term of use link to protect the artists work.

The second page on the navigation which is situated in the header and is easy to use.  Is the Autobiography page which is written by the artist in her lifetime and includes an image - this is a nice remembrance of the person she was as it is personal and engaging.

The next three pages are 'Fashion', 'Musicians' and 'Actors' and these all show examples of her work which you can click into and enjoy 

For Instance in Vogue China you can view the shoot here..

When you click into the images they all pop up full screen so this is a very good way to show photographic images to be able to really see and explore the work. 

The next page shows all the exhibitions the artist has done and this page has an image for each of these and when you click into them much more information and images.

The next page is 'Press' and this show the headlines that were about Day's work in her lifetime.

The user then just click in and read the press article and see the images.  This works really well as it gives an idea of her time in the 90s and a context to the work Day created. 

The last page is 'Missing Negatives which are actually good to see but are missing negatives the foundation is looking for. 

I love to see old negatives as this is how I learnt photography on an Olympus OM-2 SLR camera using Ilford film. 

There is no social media on this site as this site is the Corinne Day Estate it is understandable, I do think this site is a very good remembrance of the artists work and is consistent, clean and easy to use throughout and I am glad in a way there is no social media. 

The mobile view on the Corinne day site - the homepage has an image and Enter site and then goes to the home and the information shown above the images are quite small on the mobile and these could be bigger and the writing a little smaller as the writing does dominate the mobile homepage.  The gallery pages work well as the images still pop up nicely with the information and when you tap they appear large on the screen.  Each page's format has been adjusted well to the mobile screen, I would say perhaps except the homepage.  Overall and enjoyable and pleasant experience and I would definitely visit again.  

Comparing both sites, clearly the first site was disappointing - I think the homepage could have been interesting and I actually quite liked the grid design but clicking into each grid was disappointing whereas everything on Corrine Day's website when you clicked in there was more images and information and each image could be make full screen when clicking on it. Thinking about my own site I will consider having maybe more images on the homepage that can be clicked into and I will ensure all images enlarge to full screen and have correct title and good information.  Both sites were consistent in dark background and clear text throughout in the same font so there was no confusion as to the site you are looking at. I feel that the consistency on my site is similar so i am happy with this aspect of the website.  Social media was interesting on Grannan's I am not sure how much it added but I expect if you follow Grannan on Twitter or Instagram then it is interesting and informative.  On Day's as there was not any I almost preferred this I could look at ethe work and just enjoy and did not feel any need to 'connect' or to 'share' - this has made me reconsider the inclusion of some of my own social media on my own site.  

The mobile view on Day's site was much more interesting, worked better throughout and although I think the homepage could be improved there was a landing page with an image which was inviting.  Grannan's did not work well and was not that interesting or engaging.  Looking at these it did remind me how important it is to get the mobile view right and working properly and I will be focusing on this in UX testing after I have published. 

This was a good experience as I have considered my own design ideas and my own site while viewing these and I will be exploring different ideas with my galleries to make them engaging and user friendly to ensure that my site visitors want to return!