Friday 25 February 2022

Inspiration: The Hunger

 The Hunger is a 1983 film directed by Tony Scott. It stars Susan Sarandon, Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie.  This a film about vampires in a contemporary world.  The soundtrack is by Bauhaus and this stylish and beautiful film has some excellent shots and cinematography. 

The Hunger was directed by Tony Scott who;'[graduated] from college with aspirations of being a painter, he was soon tempted into making adverts with his elder brother’s production company' (Leader, 2013). As can be seen in The Hunger Scott's understanding of painting and advertising has clearly influenced the look of the film, every shot looks like a slick and sexy advert; 'Billed with taglines like ‘Nothing Human Loves Forever’ and ‘So bizarre… So sensual… So shocking’, The Hunger was essentially an art-house update of the wave of unashamedly sexy vampire flicks of the 1960s and 1970s' (Leader, 2013) .  The film was mostly shot in London as essentially the budget wasn't big enough for it to be shot in his preferred location, New York.  The Hunger has also the look of 1980s videos of Duran Duran and Human League and uses Film that adds to this look.

The make up and prosthetics were actually cutting edge at the time: 'The Hunger is considered a benchmark film in the history of Prosthetic make up. On this movie Dick Smith pioneered the use of PAX make up to colour Foam latex appliances and it was also the first time a prosthetic appliance was covered with hand laid hair/stubble for David bowies multi stage old-age make up. Its technical achievements are highly regarded in the SFX make up field.' (The Hunger (1983), 2004)

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Wednesday 23 February 2022

Initial Ideas - Major Project

 My continuation route is Photography.  I have begun to think of some ideas of things that I might do for a small project in Digital Arts this term.  I have been thinking about something to do with ritual or habitual behaviour that I can capture as images. I am interested in ritual in everyday life and so I was thinking about capturing this photographically.

I might start by looking at Natalie Grono as she concentrated on the rituals of childhood and photographed her two daughers.  As can be seen from this image the images are in black and white and highly stylised and in this case staged.  So in fact this is a photographic construction of daily life.  The light and water coming down does have the feeling of a baptism and as with baptism the children are represented as pure and covered in light.

This second image is clearly a take on Ophelia, as shown in Millais' work here: 

'Ophelia is a character in Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. She is driven mad when her father, Polonius, is murdered by her lover, Hamlet. She dies while still very young, suffering from grief and madness. The events shown in Millais’s Ophelia are not actually seen on stage. Instead they are referred to in a conversation between Queen Gertrude and Ophelia’s brother Laertes. Gertrude describes how Ophelia fell into the river while picking flowers and slowly drowned, singing all the while.' (The Story of Ophelia – Look Closer | Tate, 2022)

The second image again is highly stylized and the light is again in the centre of the image and coming through the child's legs - in both cases the light is sunlight/natural light.  The images themselves are technically well shot however in terms of content if I was completing a ritualised image I may do something less stylized and perhaps with a little more grit as I think rituals that are personal rate not necessarily full of beauty.  I would perhaps take a more snapshot approach more in the way of Jurgen Teller, who shoots fashion.

I prefer the look of this image, it has a grungy, over-exposed feel.  The yellow light, the man standing over her taking the picture (the photographer) give this photograph the snapshot aesthetic which is more interesting, and although this may have been highly staged it has the look of being spontaneous.  I would like to explore this idea within my own work for this project.


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Tuesday 22 February 2022

Software Testing: Photoshop

 I opened Photoshop and I will test Photoshop for the functions I need for my major project in Digital Arts.

I create a new canvas.  I did this clicking on 'create new' and then I clicked on Print in the top menu and then chose A3.  Then I checked it was portrait in orientation and the resolution was 300 ppx. 

I have added text using the Text tool on the left hand menu and then I changed the font to Modern No 20 Regular at 60 pts.  I then used the move tool to move the text to the left hand corner to make a rule of thirds layout.

I chose a picture from the internet to mock up my page and I downloaded this to my desktop and then went back to Photoshop and I went to File, open and then I checked the image size by clicking on image and then I selected the image and clicked on copy.  I went back to my canvas and clicked on past then used the move tool to line up the image.

I added further text using the text tool.  This was 36pts and the same font as I want consistency for my portfolio pages. 

I also created a logo on Tailor Brands and added this to my portfolio mock up page.  The logo itself I quite liked and could use this as my final design.

Website Creation: Home Page & Contact Page

 Today I set up my website using wix.  I began by choosing a template which suited my progression route which is Photography.

I have chosen the above template to edit.

I have changed the image by right clicking on the background and clicking on Manage Media, I could then upload my own image and replace the template image. 

I then changed the copyright by clicking on the text box and then clicking 'edit text'.  I also got rid of pages that I did not need by going to into the menu on the left hand side and then clicking on the the three dots and deleting each unwanted section/page.

I created a contact page and I connected my mail by using the wix form and editing the email to ensure that it was connected to my email. 

I then saved all my work so that it was ready and I would not lose anything.

Now I am checking my mobile view and seeing if it needs adjusting

Under the gallery of my own picture the site has pother pictures so I will remove this so that only my own pictures appear.  Otherwise this is looking good. 

Monday 21 February 2022

Zoe Van-de-Velde: Promotional Video


This is my final video.  I have obviously not added my real CV here however this was fun to play with and I enjoyed creating something promotional that showcased my skills. 

The graphics and and videos on biteable are not too bad and there is an option to upload your own videos/images which in a real situation I may do if I was sending this to an employer.

Overall this worked well and ca be seen on my youtube as well as here and I can embed into my website if I wished. 

Biteable Video: CV

 Today we are making a short video which will promote ourselves.  To this we are using Biteable video software online.  I began by choosing a template

I then changed the photo by uploading a new photograph of myself and adjusting the frame. I Also changed the Background colour by going into Style in the menu and adjusting there.  I changed the text colour and added my name by clicking on this.

I changed the animation colours by going into animation colours on the left hand menu and this adjusted all the animations colours throughout the video 

I then added my 'Could I be the next Art Director' and added a short video of a fashion shoot.  I lengthened the timeline to make sure that the text was readable and clear. 

I then went to my first reason, again I adjusted the time length to ensure it was readable.   I changed the text and text colour and then checked the edit was working with another uploaded video.

I repeated as above on 'Know how to get things done' - the most important steps now are keeping this consistent and visually interesting 

I completed my final promotional slide using the same techniques as above

I finally added music and the video was complete!  Please go to my next post for the final video 

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Completion of Chapbook & Reflection

 Much excitement as I have now completed my chapbook.  I have added this to Blurb as can be seen below 

I have made it sellable and created a preview so the book can be viewed in its entirety.  I have also ordered a hard copy to check it is correct if ordered.  The link to the book is here: The Book of Lost Things

I also updated my profile page here.

Overall I think in the given time this has been well executed.  What I have discovered is I can't write happy poetry but can write light-hearted stories.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and writing The Story of Milk I really wanted to complete her journey and I am tempted to actually write the rest of her story.  I do think that I could have improved the language, syntax, and descriptions in places and if I did complete the entire story I would certainly go back and edit this again.  The poetry I enjoyed writing despite my gloomy outpourings!  I particularly enjoyed writing the villanelle as I do think this form works really well and is fun to play with.  I have noticed mistakes already though and again proofreading and checking still needed to be carried out, again and again, to improve on this.  

The photographs are a mixture of my own and images from stock sites but I have listed and credited all those that I could and I think the combination works quite well.  I will edit and publish this again to fix a couple of the mistakes and when I see the published copy I am sure there will need to be more that could be fixed.  The process here is important and it is worth the time it has taken.  I am looking forward to writing my next one!

Monday 14 February 2022

Website Creation: Home Page/Template


This my site that I have been editing.  I chose a Photography template as this is my progression route.  I have changed the name and the title. I did this by clicking on the name and clicking on edit text.  I chose Palantino Linotype for my text this was 60 pts.

I then need to change the picture so I chose a suitable image and did this by right clicking on the background and I clicked on change background.  I uploaded the image and then added to the background.

I also added copyright at the bottom in the footer.  Again I clicked on the text and then edit text and changed the name and the year. 

I then checked my mobile view please see below

As you can see the background did not really work so I right clicked and changed the background by uploading a new image. 

This worked much better and so I also adjusted the title and name and made sure everything was correctly aligned before saving this and flipping back to the desktop view. 

Friday 11 February 2022

Website: About Page


Zoe lives high above Leicester, looking down upon the ancient city.  Zoe spends her days reading about and creating obscure photographs. When she is not hiding behind her Polaroid, Zoe teaches Art, Design & Media.  She hopes one day that she will be able to move into academic obscurity by writing a PhD on the transformational image and invoking the spirit of Bataille in an act of sacred sacrifice. 

Zoe has a first degree in Media & English from DMU. She also has achieved an MA with Distinction in Creative Media Arts (Photography) from London South Bank University.  Zoe's film 'Let's Eat Hair' was shown at the Phoenix Cinema in Leicester. Zoe continues to make photographs and writes creatively. 

I have then added this to my website.  I did this by using the add image function and uploading my own image and then I clicked on the text and edited the text simply copying and pasting from my blog.  Please see below

I like the layout of this and the font and typography and general look of the page matches the rest of my website so I think this works well and represents me. 

I also edited my mobile view to ensure that this was correct and working - I did this by switching screens to mobile view and using the mobile editor.  I changed this so that the picture appeared at the top and I deleted irrelevant information. I ensured my copyright and blogger were visible at the bottom of the page. 

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Research Creative Writing: Danny Wallace


'Daniel Frederick Wallace is a British filmmaker, comedian, writer, actor, and presenter of radio and television. His notable works include the books Join Me, Yes Man, and the TV series How to Start Your Own Country. As an author, Wallace's bestselling books have been translated into more than a dozen languages.' (, 2022)

I am writing about Danny Wallace, as the first book I read of his was 'Yes Man' (2005).  He describes his childhood and walking around Loughborough, and this was very similar to my own childhood and he had walked the same streets, visited the same places.  Also in the interview above he was describing his entrance to university and again it was a very similar story to my own.  He went to Loughborough which was an old polytechnic and I went to DMU which also was an old poly.  We both submitted writing for entrance to university and I think had similar experiences at a similar time and geographically very close.  

Yes Man is simply a story about a man who decides to say Yes to everything. The concept he states is simply; “Probably some of the best things that have ever happened to you in life, happened because you said yes to something. Otherwise things just sort of stay the same.” Wallace himself does this and essentially writes the book almost like a diary of his experiences of saying yes. Wallace states in Yes Man: “I recommend keeping a diary. Diaries are cool.”   It is personal but obviously still created as a novel with those writing conventions.  In a way, it reminds me of Sophie Calle in that Calle uses her own life as art (highly edited and curated) and this is very similar in its conception and indeed its curation.  

Wallace writes in the first person and relates the story as if to a friend in the pub and this makes him instantly likable and very English in his sensibilities.  Also, he demonstrates a clear understanding of his audience.  The book is clearly aimed at people like himself, at a certain age and a bit lost in life. 

Wallace uses his amiable personality to really draw the reader in and become part of his story, we want to know he is okay, we want him to win. 

In my own story Milk (my own hero) is like many women in their 30s and lives an ordinary life where not much happens and she has essentially got into a bit of a rut.  This is very much like Wallace in Yes Man.   Milk in my story meets a monk and he promises to change her life, Milk in a way is the child of Yes Man and all she has to do is say Yes and her adventure can really begin.  


Nast, C., 2018. Danny Wallace on his year in Hollywood. [online] British GQ. Available at: [Accessed 8 February 2022]., i., 2022. Danny Wallace. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 February 2022].

Monday 7 February 2022

Chapbook: Chapter Three

I completed my three chapters and have laid them out in the book - the final chapter can be read here 

The layout I have used 1.5 line space, Century Schoolbook font for titles, and Arial font for the main text 

I then began to add the poetry section 

I have now just two more poems and the credits, and end page to complete before final proofreading and publishing 

So far I think that the text is working and within the time frame I am happy with what I have created here.  I think with more time I would have edited further to make the text tighter and worked on the pace more as I think this could be improved.

Friday 4 February 2022

Chapbook: Planning - Book of Lost Things

 Planning Exercise

  • What is your final idea?  Please explain in two sentences the theme and the form your writing will take.

I will create a chapbook that uses the theme 'lost things' or 'loss'.  I would like to write a small collection of poems and a short fictional story, using a God's Eye View.  I want to use Blurb so that I can have an online and hard copy book.  I used the trade book form to keep the spirit of the chapbook.

  • Considering the form, how do you intend to layout your book pages?

The form will be poetry and prose and I will layout the book with the short story first with an introduction and then a collection of poems with a short introduction.

  • How many pages do you expect there will be?

I expect the book to be 30-40 pages in length - the book is about 6 x 9 inches 

  • Are you going to use images?  Are these your own images (illustrations/photographs) or copyright-free images that you will source?  

 I will use photographs to illustrate the story (either by myself or well-chosen copyright-free images)

  • What is the plan of your time and how much you will need to spend on this?

I will spend between 8-10 hours creating the book, this will be completed over two weekends