Friday, 25 February 2022

Inspiration: The Hunger

 The Hunger is a 1983 film directed by Tony Scott. It stars Susan Sarandon, Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie.  This a film about vampires in a contemporary world.  The soundtrack is by Bauhaus and this stylish and beautiful film has some excellent shots and cinematography. 

The Hunger was directed by Tony Scott who;'[graduated] from college with aspirations of being a painter, he was soon tempted into making adverts with his elder brother’s production company' (Leader, 2013). As can be seen in The Hunger Scott's understanding of painting and advertising has clearly influenced the look of the film, every shot looks like a slick and sexy advert; 'Billed with taglines like ‘Nothing Human Loves Forever’ and ‘So bizarre… So sensual… So shocking’, The Hunger was essentially an art-house update of the wave of unashamedly sexy vampire flicks of the 1960s and 1970s' (Leader, 2013) .  The film was mostly shot in London as essentially the budget wasn't big enough for it to be shot in his preferred location, New York.  The Hunger has also the look of 1980s videos of Duran Duran and Human League and uses Film that adds to this look.

The make up and prosthetics were actually cutting edge at the time: 'The Hunger is considered a benchmark film in the history of Prosthetic make up. On this movie Dick Smith pioneered the use of PAX make up to colour Foam latex appliances and it was also the first time a prosthetic appliance was covered with hand laid hair/stubble for David bowies multi stage old-age make up. Its technical achievements are highly regarded in the SFX make up field.' (The Hunger (1983), 2004)

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