Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Completion of Chapbook & Reflection

 Much excitement as I have now completed my chapbook.  I have added this to Blurb as can be seen below 

I have made it sellable and created a preview so the book can be viewed in its entirety.  I have also ordered a hard copy to check it is correct if ordered.  The link to the book is here: The Book of Lost Things

I also updated my profile page here.

Overall I think in the given time this has been well executed.  What I have discovered is I can't write happy poetry but can write light-hearted stories.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and writing The Story of Milk I really wanted to complete her journey and I am tempted to actually write the rest of her story.  I do think that I could have improved the language, syntax, and descriptions in places and if I did complete the entire story I would certainly go back and edit this again.  The poetry I enjoyed writing despite my gloomy outpourings!  I particularly enjoyed writing the villanelle as I do think this form works really well and is fun to play with.  I have noticed mistakes already though and again proofreading and checking still needed to be carried out, again and again, to improve on this.  

The photographs are a mixture of my own and images from stock sites but I have listed and credited all those that I could and I think the combination works quite well.  I will edit and publish this again to fix a couple of the mistakes and when I see the published copy I am sure there will need to be more that could be fixed.  The process here is important and it is worth the time it has taken.  I am looking forward to writing my next one!

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