Tuesday 22 February 2022

Software Testing: Photoshop

 I opened Photoshop and I will test Photoshop for the functions I need for my major project in Digital Arts.

I create a new canvas.  I did this clicking on 'create new' and then I clicked on Print in the top menu and then chose A3.  Then I checked it was portrait in orientation and the resolution was 300 ppx. 

I have added text using the Text tool on the left hand menu and then I changed the font to Modern No 20 Regular at 60 pts.  I then used the move tool to move the text to the left hand corner to make a rule of thirds layout.

I chose a picture from the internet to mock up my page and I downloaded this to my desktop and then went back to Photoshop and I went to File, open and then I checked the image size by clicking on image and then I selected the image and clicked on copy.  I went back to my canvas and clicked on past then used the move tool to line up the image.

I added further text using the text tool.  This was 36pts and the same font as I want consistency for my portfolio pages. 

I also created a logo on Tailor Brands and added this to my portfolio mock up page.  The logo itself I quite liked and could use this as my final design.

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