Thursday 22 February 2024

Target Market/Ideal Customer: Interior Design

 I created an Ideal Person for my Twilight House design on Venngage.  This is my client for my Interior Design

Being able to afford a home now in the UK is becoming increasingly difficult with 'up to 1/3 of millennials (people aged 23-38 as of 2019) may never be able to own their own home' (Finance, 2019).  The property value to ratio income in 1996 was 3.55 and in 2021 it was 10.01 and over the last three years has increased further. For Baby Boomers by the age of 30, around 50% owned property and for Generation X this dropped to around 45%.  My own interior design was targeted at the Generation X Market as they still have earning power and should be at the top of their earning potential so this home would suit them as they want to start winding down from full-time work or would prefer a more flexible working pattern that enables them to have a more balanced home/work life.  This home should enable them to work remotely and include smart technology to ensure that remote working is as seamless as possible. In terms of retirement, a study by Dunstan Thomas showed that Generation Xers have a 'patchwork quilt' of pension pots and they often are dormant or not consolidated, and  'the average total pension savings of the average Gen Xer resident in the UK is £159,837 and they put in just over £200 each month.' (Thomas, 2024)  However the gender gap for Gen Xers is wide with 'the average pension savings of UK Gen X Men (aged 39-54) is £186,611 and average pension savings of Gen X women is £117,854 (37 per cent less)'  (Thomas, 2024)  Women put a lot less money aside for pensions at just £139 per month compared to men you save £253 per month on average.  This gulf in pensions and the ability to live through retirement is compounded by the fact on average women live longer. 'As of 2020 the life expectancy for men in the United Kingdom was 79, and almost 83 for women, compared with life expectancies of 75 for men and 80 for women in 2002.' (Statista, n.d.)

The home I am proposing here is aspirational and as per my Ideal Customer above and research carried out, it is far more likely that a man of Generation X would have the ability to own this home and live here on a decent income through his remaining working years and be able to retire here.  As a Gen X woman, I can say from personal experience that figures from Dunstan Thomas bear out my own experience and I am close to the average on how much I add to a pension each month.  


Finance, A.B.C. (2019). The Truth Behind ‘Generation Rent’ - ABC Finance Ltd. [online] ABC Finance. Available at: [Accessed 28 Feb. 2024].

Thomas, D. (2024). ‘EXPLORING THE RETIREMENT PROSPECTS OF GENERATION X’ Consumer Study. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Feb. 2024].

Statista (n.d.). Number of deaths in the UK 2018. [online] Statista. Available at: [Accessed 28 Feb. 2024].

Monday 19 February 2024

The Final Book: The Quietus

 After much work, rewriting, proofreading, and working on the design and layout of my book I have now completed this.

The Quietus

I will be embedding the book into my website so you will be able to read online or you can buy a copy from Blurb.  This is only the beginning of the story, I have so much more yet to write! However for this small project I give you the first three chapters and I do hope you enjoy reading this. 

Book Cover Creation: Photoshop

 I am going to create my book cover using Photoshop.  I will show the process here and my design decisions.

I began by creating a canvas, I did this by going to the top menu and clicking on 'file' and then clicking on 'new'. A dialog box then opened and I chose 'Print' in the top menu and then A4 size.  I then chose the orientation of 'portrait' and checked the resolution which was 300 ppi, as I wanted high quality for print.  I then chose the colour of my background, I chose white as I probably will fill the page with an image.

I then chose a couple of images from Unsplash that I intended to try for my front cover.  I then went back to Photoshop and I went to 'File' in the top menu and then 'Open'.  I then examined both images and then I chose the one I thought had more impact and was more suitable to the title of my book.  I then wanted it to be black and white so I went to 'Image' in the top menu and then Mode and Grayscale.  

I then went to select in the top menu and Select 'All' and then I went Edit the top menu and 'Copy'.  I then went back to my original canvas and clicked on Edit and the 'paste'. I then used my move tool and transform controls that I clicked on the lower top menu as they appeared as I clicked on the move tool.  I then transformed my image to fill the canvas. I wanted my front cover to fill the page. 

I then added the title and my name to the cover, I did this by clicking on T in the tools menu on the left-hand side.  I then clicked on my canvas and all my text tools were now in the top menu so I changed the title and changed the colour to a light grey shade, I chose this by clicking on the colour palette and choosing this in the pop-up box and then clicking 'ok'.  I then chose the font which was Century Schoolbook at 60pts.  For the author name I did the same however, this was 36pts.  I then used the move tool in the left hand menu and placed the title and author name in the right positions and lined these up using the gridlines. 

Finally, I saved my work by clicking on File in the top menu and then 'Save As', then the file folder appeared and I added the name of my cover and checked it was a psd file and clicked on save onto my desktop. I then went to File and Save a copy and then the file box appeared and I chose jpeg in the drop down menu and saved again on my desktop.  I will also save these onto my google drive. My final work is below. I can now use this, if I choose as my book front cover. 

I created this in class, and it was most enjoyable and it does rival the actual book cover that I used for the finished book.  I really like this image in black and white and the stream and water here, the woman i used on my final cover was completely immersed and floating so I think it perhaps is closer to the title of the work and so probably the right choice - however do really like this version - perhaps I can have alternate covers!

Sunday 18 February 2024

Blurb: Chapbook Creation Process Two

 After finalising the final chapter I went back to Blurb and began by adding the blurb to the back cover. I clicked on the back cover dragged a photo in filled the cover and then moved the image into place, I added a text container and again changed the font to Century Scholbook 16pts and added the text.

I then began adding the final chapter.  Using the same method as previously adding text and photo containers and ensuring all text was consistent.

I then added an About the Author page and picture credits to ensure that all artists are credited, all images came from unsplash apart from the author image.

I then began the publishing process - I proofread and spellchecked everything several times and had to add some pages for publishing purposes.  I then uploaded it from Bookwright to Blurb.

This takes some time so I left it to render ...

After this, I went on to 'sell the book' on Blurb and completed the details 

I then went onto the pricing and how the book would be displayed and completed the details and saved these so that it would be publicly available on Blurb.

I completed this then I noticed a mistake on the subtitle as it had taken the subtitle from my previous book and used this here - this meant I had to re-upload and start this again to remove this as it was uneditable.  I completed this and then I could buy a copy and set it up for sale and download the pdf version.

I can now also embed the book on the website and thsi can be seen in full as a flipbook. 

Chapbook Final Chapter

 The disappearance book project is now on its final chapter, just to get this started I share with you 'Nobody Told Me' by John Lennon. A little inspiration to share

The final chapter 'The Frogget Estate Fire' is obviously not the final chapter but for the purposes of this first book it is the last we will see of Amande for the moment - her journey will of course, continue..

The Disappearance: Chapter Three

Here is the first draft and then the second draft corrections which I am adding now.

My next post will be the final process of adding the final chapter and publication of 'The Quietus'

Saturday 17 February 2024

Blurb: Chapbook Creation Process One

 After I completed the first and second drafts of my book based on the theme of 'disappearance' I began creating the final book for publication.  I used Blurb publishers online and I downloaded Bookwright to do this.  

I began on the 'Create Book' page and chose 'Trade Book' 15x23 

I then was in the editor and I could begin adding text and images.  I began by uploading the images that I might use in the book which I acquired from Unsplash 

I did this by using the top menu and choosing 'Add/Insert' and 'Browse for Photos' I then uploaded the images I had downloaded to my desktop 

I then created my front page by dragging the photo I had chosen into the container box filling the frame with images, and moving it using the move tool into position. I then added the text by creating two text boxes one for the title and one for my name. I then chose the name for the book which was 'The Quietus' - it means 'death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life.'

The text I added was in the font 'Century Schoolbook', I will use this throughout The title was 36pts and my name 28pts and I did these in shades of grey to be consistent with the image. I then added page numbers at 10pts in the bottom right corner of each page by again going to 'Add/Insert' in the top menu and the 'Page numbers' 

After completing the front page I added the title again on the first inside page.  I then began adding my first chapter.  I selected and copied this from Google docs and pasted this into the text container I created just by clicking on the lower top menu and draw text container and then I elected the text again and changed to Century Schoolbook 12pts.  I add the chapter title in bold at 14pts.

I also drew a photo container and then dragged a photo that I wanted on the left-hand page and adjusted to fill the frame.

I then added the subsequent text and images for the first chapter using the same method as above. I then went on to my second chapter and again added images and text drawing a text container and using the same font, and font sizes and added an image after drawing in photo containers

The book was beginning to come together and my plan was to complete the final chapter and then do the same - it is not really the final chapter but the first three chapters of a longer story.  I saved my work so far and previewed to check that the layout and the text were working 

The pages looked good and I was pleased with the look that I was creating, I will work further on this over this weekend and see how far I can get....

Thursday 15 February 2024

Software Choice: Photoshop Practice

 Today we are practicing making presentation boards for a gallery in Wix for final portfolio.

I began by opening Photoshop

I then clicked on 'File' and then 'New' and a dialog box appeared and I clicked on 'Print' and then view all presets and then I chose A3 size for my canvas and I used a 300 ppi and then I chose 'Landscape' orientation and then the background colour of white.  I then clicked on 'create' and my white canvas appears on my workspace. 

Next, I added my title using the Text Tool in the left hand menu, I clicked on this and then clicked onto my canvas.  I then wrote my title and selected the text.  I then used the top menu to change the font to Baskerville Old Face and the size to 60pts, and I also made the text 'strong' by clicking on the drop down box in the top menu.  I then went back to the move tool at the top of the left hand menu and moved the text into place ensuring I left good margins on my board.  I then clicked again on the text tool and created subtitle and I changed the font again to Baskerville Old Face and then made this 36pts as I wanted it slightly smaller.  I then clicked back to to the move tool and using the gridlines on Photoshop lined up mu Subtitle with my title as above. 

I created  a logo on ''.  This will be brand name and I can use it throughout the year if I wish.  I downloaded completed logo as png.  I then went back to Photoshop and clicked on File and then open, I opened the file in Photoshop I then clicked on Select in the top menu and the Edit and copy.  I then went back to my canvas and clicked on Edit and then paste.  I then used the transform controls to resize and position the logo with move tool. 

I downloaded one of my rendered jpeg images from Homesbyme and then I clicked on File and open and then I selected the images clicked on Edit and then copy and then went back top my board and as above pasted the image and used transform and the move tool to position on the page. 

I then spent considerable time writing my concept, I added this to the board by clicking on the Text tool in the left hand menu and I checked that I was using Baskerville Old Face so that this was consistent with the title and subtitle.  I used this font at 24pts. I spaced and created the lines as I wrote this directly onto the the canvas.  Once I had complete this I then went back to my move tool and aligned the text and the margins using the gridlines on Photoshop.  I also did a spellcheck by clicking on 'Edit' in the top menu and then check spelling in the drop down menu. 

My completed first board I then saved as both a psd (photoshop) file, so that it was editable if I needed to change anything in the future.  I also saved a copy as a jpeg so that this could be easily uploaded onto my blogger here and my website on Wix. 

Sunday 11 February 2024

Chapbook: Draft Chapters One & Two of Disappearance


I start with an image from Don't Look Now from 1973, as this story has the kind of uncanny twists and turns that remind me how good writing can be. Du Maurier's story continually surprises and in this film version, Roeg really understands how to visually explore this narrative so that the journey is astounding.

I have worked on the first draft chapters of my book working title 'Disappearance'.  The story itself is about a woman in her 40s who will design her own disappearance through unexpected events and curious and uncanny happenings her life will change dramatically.

The main character 'Amande' will take the reader on a journey through these events, however, I will use a God's Eye View throughout so I can, as an author, be with any character through the story at any time.  

I am completing these on Google Docs so my edits and draft changes can be seen and the writing process is clear. 

Disappearance: Chapter One

Disappearance: Chapter Two

I have now completed all my first edits and these can be seen here as comments and suggestions 

Saturday 10 February 2024

Website Creation: About Me


Zoe is an artist who uses photography, performance, and writing in her work.  Zoe survived comprehensive school then affected her escape to Germany at the age of 16. Since then Zoe has lived many lives but always has created artwork and writing.  She is interested in the conceptual, the uncanny, and the absurd and this bleeds into her writings, photographs, and films.  At present, Zoe is working on her disappearance and photographic death. Zoe lives high above the city and every day she contemplates her existence through art.

Zoe also teaches art, design, and media at DMU International College.  Zoe has a first degree in English and Media She also achieved an MA with Distinction in Creative Media Arts (Photography) from the London South Bank University. Zoe's film 'Let's Eat Hair' was shown at the Phoenix Cinema in Leicester. 

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Creative Media Production: Timed Writing Two

 The feted day had finally arrived, she woke at the crack of dawn, this was really the beginning of the rest of her life.

It started 3 months ago, Amande trudged to work through the remains of snow, which was now a black icy slush, that was leaking into her long non-leather vegan boots.  She was stupidly wearing a short skater skirt and hold up that were now slipping annoyingly down her thighs and causing her skin to go first red then blue with cold. She suddenly tripped as she caught the edge of the pavement that she did not see under the sludge, she swore under her breath and then a small hand appeared under nose, like a child's but old looking.  Amande glanced upwards and looming close to her face was the face of, well what could be described as a dwarf, certainly a little person.  The little person was an old man with a kind inquisitive face, he looked about 60 years old and when he smiled hid whole face seemed to crinkle.  The small man gave a little laugh, and then spoke quietly to her, almost in a whisper, "make your wish and perhaps the gods will smile upon you".  Amande took the small hand in hers and stepped back up as she did so, she towered above the dwarf man, she looked down guiltily, and said; "thank you" quietly before rushing off in the direction of her work which she was now late for. 

Jason was standing by her office door when she arrived, Amande worked as a civil servant in the city councils offices.  The offices were dilapidated and in some place there were even holes in the ceiling, and buckets were dotted about as water seeped from the roof every time it rained.  The office block that she worked in was actually due to be demolished next month and they (the management) were desperately trying rehouse around 200 civil servants who worked in the brutalist wreck. "Amande I need to see you urgently about this reach out project on the Frogger Estate", Jason was the same grade as Amande in the council however he liked to act as if he was her superior and often dumped work he did not want to deal with on her desk and claimed it was management.  She knew better than to get tangled up in the disastrous reach out project so ready for onslaught, Amande quickly pushed past Jason, grabbed a file (any file) and claimed that she must rush as she had an urgent meeting with management about the budget.  Amande sailed round the corner, and then took a sharp right into the secret kitchen she had found hidden and unused last week.  At the moment it was the perfect hiding spot, contained all the right equipment and she had stocked up with coffee and biscuits, and best of all it had a private staff toilet that only she had access to as she had palmed the key and attached it to her lanyard. 

Chapbook: Planning


What is your final idea?  Please explain in two sentences the theme and the form your writing will take.

My final idea is a small novella form which will contain 4-6 chapters and I will use images that are my own and copyright free.  This book will be no more than 40 pages and is on the theme of disappearance. 

Considering the form, how do you intend to layout your book pages?

The form will be a novella using realism and I intend to layout the pages in the conventions of traditional book form and add appropriate images that add to the text. 

How many pages do you expect there will be?

30-40 pages

Are you going to use images?  Are these your own images (illustrations/photographs) or copyright free images that you will source?  

Yes, my own images and copyright free images that I will credit in the book 

What is the plan of your time and how much you will need to spend on this?

Remember writing is something that you will need time and concentration without disturbance - you must make sure that you plan time to do this.

12-20 hours 

What do you imagine the final book will look like?  

I will use a trade book format from Blurb and this is about 5 x 7 in - It will contain a designed front cover with my name (author) and Title of the book 

Have you considered the cover page/contents page/back cover with blurb?

As above - I will add this to Blurb and it will have an ISBN so it can be sold 

Drafting and redrafting will need to be done?  Who would you get to proofread your work?

I will ask my partner/colleagues to proofread

Write down any other thoughts or comments related to your plan on your blog post.

I will write this on Google Docs to ensure that I can share drafts and I can edit easily whoever I may be.

Creating a Chapbook: Initial Ideas

 Introduction to the project 

The second project in Creative Media Production this term is the creative writing project this will be created in the format / form of a chapbook and will be no more than 40 pages long and can include both text and images.  It can take any form of creative writing but must have an overarching theme. 

Chapbooks (the format we will be using) were circulated from the 17th to 19th centuries, bought cheaply and shared, and were popular with middle-class children. 'Chapbooks were normally printed on one single sheet of paper and then folded into 8, 12, 16 or 24 pages. They would usually have been sold unbound and held together by a simple sewing.'(Ray, 2021).  When I was at university I learned book making and used different sewing techniques to create a handmade book.  Today people online are still similarly making little books and also they can be printed cheaply and easily digitally in the spirit of the original chapbook. 

Form and theme 

In my photographic project was working on my disappearance, I would like to use the same theme for my chapbook as an overarching theme.  I would like to explore absence and presence in writing and technically I would like to explore further literary methods for creating the story of disappearance.  

One of my favourite stories of disappearance was Joris-Karl Huysmans A Rebours (Against Nature, which was about 'Des Esseintes, a decadent, ailing aristocrat who retreats to an isolated villa where he indulges his taste for luxury and excess' (Good Reads n.d).  His departure from society leads him to explore all the excessses he can think of from exotic plants, exotic women, excessive demands, and jewels however this isolation and excess do not lead to the experience he is hoping for, and in his next book La Bas, he has renounced God and fully explores the limits of evil. Huysman's disappearance from society though is what is interesting here.

I looked at a couple of reviews on this and both reviews found the text quite hard work and did not like the literary reviews and references and needing to look these up in the notes (this is the part I enjoy most as often it does link to texts I know or gives a historical or literary context) Menon states: 'These critiques are punctuated with des Esseintes’ memories (often quite disturbing) as well as his ennui and ailments which seem inherently linked with his enforced literary lifestyle and symptomatic of everything he is trying to escape. Against Nature is often humorous and self-reflective, which compensates for the lengthy book reviews within the novel which can alienate the reader.' (Menon L: 12/09/2016)

In my own work on the disappearance in the text I intend to write, I may well include a withdrawal from working life and I have some ideas on how I affect that disappearance for the character I intend to create.  I may not experience every sensual desire that I can imagine like Des Essientes however I will explore all manner of new enjoyments that come with the freedom of the disappearance. 


Ray, A. (2021) Chapbooks: Fleet Street Time Travellers, Kings Collections. Available at: (Accessed: 05 February 2024). 

2. Chapbooks and chapmen (no date) University of Aberdeen. Available at: (Accessed: 05 February 2024). 

Against nature (no date) Goodreads. Available at: (Accessed: 05 February 2024). 

Lucy Menon (2016). AGAINST NATURE | BOOK REVIEW. [online] Buzz Magazine. Available at: [Accessed 6 Feb. 2024].

Creating a Website: Contact Page & Social Links

 I then wanted to add a contact page so that it would be easy for people to get in touch.  I did this by using the 'Add' Button on the left hand menu and went to 'Contact and Forms'.  I then placed the contact form in the correct position on my page and I I then set the notifications to ensure they came to my gmail address.  

Then I began to customise the form starting with ensuring that all fonts were the same as my homepage and so I used the 'Bitter' font again and I used this on the form, title and all buttons.  I then changed the input fields adding a little colour and the submit button I changed to match the background of my page.

I then just clicked on the 'Add' button on the left hand menu and then I clicked on image and then upload image and I uploaded one of my own test images from a project for the moment. I clicked on Save and the previewed to check everything is working.

The next thing I did on my website was add a social bar.  I went to add button the left hand menu and then chose 'social' and then I chose the social bar that I wanted add to my website.  I clicked on this and then I dragged this into my footer.

I then set all my social links for Blogger, Twitter/X, Linkedin and YouTube.  I then saved all my settings and work and then previewed and then I tested that the links worked correctly. 

I then checked my mobile view on the contact page and I adjusted my Header as my title of my site was not showing I then check ed that I had a back to top button and I moved the menu button to the right hand side as this was more pleasing and people tend to look right first.  I saved and then previewed to ensure all changed worked correctly.

Photography Project Plan: Disappearance

 This my project plan from Week Five, I will update on this posts over coming weeks.

Update - 29th February 2024

Initial Research  - Yes - Paul A Photography research

Initial Photo shoot with development - First Shoot for Disappearance 

Further Research - Family of Man, (Outstanding Target Market and One more research Lissa Riveria) 

Software Practice and and Concept Board

Second Shoot for final images (outstanding) 

Add any Process post x 2

Photography: Sustainability & Wellbeing

Photography Curation and Adding Images to Gallery 

Website updates and UX Testing

Monday 5 February 2024

Creative Writing: Writing Exercise One

 Emotion: Sadness

Jasmine woke to the sound of someone shouting what sounded like Jonny's in the hole, save Jonny!' over and over again. Jasmine groaned this happened, every morning at 6.00am, Mrs Wilson was one of the old dears who lived in the care home downstairs and Jasmine from her attic room where the night staff lived, was woken by this cry. It was almost like having a cockrel, Jasmine groaned again, rubbed her head and crawled out from under the warm sheets.  The heating was on full blast so she already felt hot and sweaty, the day stretched ahead like a long piece of twine that got tighter and tighter as the day forged on.  Jasmine took the faster shower in recorded history and then dressed rapidly, she desperately wanted to see the day outside before she was sucked into work.  Jasmine flew out the door nearly tripping over Tommy the house cat, who yelped and hissed at her as she ran towards the beach, which was just over the road from her front door.  Jasmine arrived and as the sea lapped rather aggressively at her bare feet (she had thrown off her shoes and gingerly tip-toed over the stony beach), the salty sea hair filled her mouth and the clouds loomed ominously.  Jasmine felt the full weight of her sadness course through her veins, she put her shoes back on started walking rapidly down the promenade to try to race away from her looming darkness. 

Creating a Website: Homepage

 Today I will be creating my own website using Wix and my website will showcase my work in Photography and performance.  I am beginning with a template and then I will customise my homepage.

I picked this template as I liked the clean white background and two clear images on the homepage, it was nice and simple and I think I can make this showcase my own work well. 

I will begin by changing text of the name I double clicked on the text and got the text dialog box up. 

I had to change my first page as this was a portfolio page which I did not want on the front of the website.  I wanted a dedicated homepage.  I added a new page by clicking on the left hand side menu on pages, I added a page and then renamed it 'Home'. I then used the font I had chosen for my name which was 'Bitter' at 80 pts.  I changed this in the dialog box.  I then also added my progression route which is Photography but as I work in other areas it was 'Photography and Performance' This again was using the 'Bitter' font but this was at 60pts. 

I then added an image, this is just a holding image until I add my own.  I did this by right clicking on the section background and changing the image which I downloaded from Unsplash and then uploaded to Wix. 

I then went the footer and changed the copyright to the correct year and my own name.  I also deleted the 'lets chat' button as this will not be used and I also deleted the social media bar as I will be creating this later. 

I moved my navigation to the centre using gridlines to ensure it is centred in the Header so it appears on every page. To ensure consistency I also clicked on the text opened the design dialog box and changed the font to 'Bitter' at 22pts, Bold.

I went into the left hand menu and to pages.  I deleted the pages I did not want by clicking into the three dots and clicking on 'delete' in the drop down menu.  I then used the 'Add Page' button and created the two new pages that I needed so I would have Home, About, Portfolio and Contact pages in my navigation bar in the Header  so that it would appear on every page.  

This is my finished homepage for the moment, I will be changing the image to an original image, however I am pleased with the design I like the Layout and I do think one image that covers the section has good impact and the navigation bar is easy to use and I have previewed and checked all the pages work. I| have saved all my work, as I have gone along, to ensure I do not lose any of my changes. 

Lastly I checked my mobile view on my homepage as I had already adjusted header setting and menu I did not have to complete any further adjustments or edits at present - I previewed and everything is working correctly.

Update - I have now changed my homepage to my own and adjusted the background and colours.  I just right clicked and went 'change section background and then I uploaded my own image and added this as below.

I also checked my mobile view and this did not need any adjustments

Sunday 4 February 2024

Photography Research: The Family of Man

 In this post, I am going to talk about an image from The Family of Man.  This exhibition was; 'to showcase the beautiful universality of human experience. Its mastermind, Edward Steichen, honed two million pictures down to 503, capturing everyday life in 69 countries. It started out at MoMA in 1955 then toured the world, being seen by nine million people.' (“The Family of Man: Photography That United the Planet – in Pictures”:2015)  The image below shows an empty forest with a naked child (a girl) in the foreground.  The light plays in the background on the higher ground in the top third of this image, the middle third is undulating dark ground covered in forest leaves and in the last third in the foreground, the naked child lies slightly off-centre.  The immediate question is; Is the child dead or alive? Barbara Bullock Wilson, the child in the image now states on her site, the questions that were asked of her family about the image of the child asleep or did something dreadful befall her? Does she belong where she is, did she come willingly, or was she brought to this place forcefully and then abandoned? Perhaps the figure is not a living thing at all, but rather a statue.

Barbara Bullock Wilson also states; -  'He [Wynn  Bullock, her father] would invite them to look at the photograph again. "Be with the child, feel her presence, see the leaves adorning her hair. Put yourself in the forest, watch the light, sense the life." He would go on to say, "There may be a mystery here, but it isn't sinister. It's the mystery of difference and of oneness, of universal forces and relationships, of dimensions we can only begin to glimpse."' (Wilson Bullock B:2015)
The relationship in the image of the forest to the girl is interesting, her naked and innocent body lies exposed to the elements and the forest has created a soft bed for her to lie on, the forest around could be seen as protective and warm.  It also represents the idea of life and creating life as the forest holds so many eco-systems and child perhaps grows like the trees.  The light falls on the white skin standing out from the dark of the forest and this white against the dark heightens the innocence of the child against perhaps darker forces of nature. This image has many readings and that is the success of this image

Looking wider at where this shot was shown in the exhibition of the Family of Man the exhibition took place at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, from January 24 to May 8, 1955. The U.S. Information Agency popularized The Family of Man as an achievement of American culture by presenting ten different versions of the show in 91 cities in 38 countries between 1955 and 1962, The images came from Life magazine and also Vogue or Ladies Home Journal. Photography agencies such as Magnum, Black Star, and Rapho Guillumette these images were then cut down to the final images and curated by Steichen and grouped in thematic sections that 'narrated a generalised story of human life' (“The Family of Man: Photography That United the Planet – in Pictures”:2015)  The exhibition was criticised by Barthes as he felt there was no historical context and it was an essentialist depiction of birth and death.  Miriam Webster Dictionary states; 'Essentialism is the practice of regarding something (such as a presumed human trait) as having innate existence or universal validity rather than as being a social, ideological, or intellectual construct' (Essentialism definition & meaning: 2024). It was also criticised by others as being liberalist, from a Western point of view, cultural colonialism, and silencing photographers and Steichen creating his own narrative. This was probably true and it certainly was Stecichen's vision of humanity and how it should be presented to the world.  This is the interesting thing about curation when others place a narration on your images the story will change and it may not have been at all the vision of the original photographers and all the images were taken from their original context.

As time has passed critics have been more forgiving and saw the exhibition as historically important and representing views and ideas of the time from a Western perspective. What is interesting is how non-western photographers viewed the world and the study of the original images in the exhibition and how they are presented is still much debated today. 


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