Wednesday 9 March 2022

Creating a Website: Home Page/Template/Contact Page

 I will be creating a website that will represent my progression route (Photography) and me! I will be using this website to add my portfolio work throughout the year at DMUIC.

To create my website I have used Wix and so I began by choosing a template.

The first thing I did was to go to the left-hand side and go into the menu icon. I then went to the three dots to get into each section and I deleted all unwanted sections.

I clicked on the text on the Home page and then clicked on Edit text.  I then went through the dialog box which popped up and changed the font to Playfair Display and Playfair Display Bold and I also changed the size of the font.  I edited my Name and the Title of the website.  I now have a consistent font for all titles and name. 

I then change the copyright to my own retaining the copyright symbol but editing the year and name. 

I then changed the background image for the home page.  I click on the background and I changed the column background to an image that I got from Unsplash (I will change this to my own image later).  I downloaded the image to my desktop and uploaded the image to Wix and added it to the column.  I then deleted the background image that was on Wix so that my background was just black behind the image to give the homepage impact.

I checked and edited my mobile view of my home page. I needed to rearrange the page to make it work and reupload the image.  I had to change where the text sat on the page as it did not work the same as the desktop display.

I then changed my contact page so that anyone looking at my website could contact me through the contact form.  I removed any items I did not want from the page and then I edited the message to my own to suit my website.  As the page is not that interesting I added an image.  I also checked the setting to ensure that all messages went to my email.

I also checked my mobile view for my contact page - which looked good and I did not need to edit. 

I was happy with the results of my home page and contact page on the website - I will of course return to this and add my own image on the home page.  I do however like the design and the font/typography and colour scheme and think it will work well with my work. 

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Milanote Board: Initial Ideas Film of Lost Things

 This is my milanote note board which explores my ideas and my intended research for my ideas for my major project this term.  I am hoping to make a short film that will explore the idea of lost things.  The film will use still and moving images and will either be silent or with music/voice-over in the manner of Sans Soleil by Chris Maker (1972) and maybe the look of Wim Wender 'Wings of Desire' (1987)