Monday 6 March 2023

Finalising Galleries & Buttons on Website Portfolio

 I have also been checking all galleries and buttons so that everything works consistently and that it is easy to navigate and move from every page no matter which portfolio page you are in. 

The book of Lost Things II I added as a new page and then added the link to Blurb which means that the book can be read and previewed on Blurb.  I added an introduction on the page and an image from the front page of the book to make the page more interesting for my website viewer. 

I also added a back button which goes back to portfolio on this page which works well and is consistent.

I did the same for my project Urbanity Bites from this term where I checked the gallery, the titles and the introduction and added a back to portfolio button.

I lastly checked the Resume I created - this I added as a link underneath the menu - however I  am considering adding this also to the front portfolio page so that this is also easy to find and accessible.

I republished the site after all my checks and updates.  I will go through this again when I complete proofreading and final quality checks.