Monday 25 November 2019

Game Art Portfolio: Final Book

Here is the final book that I have created for Game Art - I created this on Flipsnack

The Dream Investigation Unit

This was a short project just to demonstrate how to create a Game Art Portfolio - I am hoping you enjoy and see that to create something like this you need a mixture of digital skills and a great concept and narrative to design you story. 

Wednesday 20 November 2019

My Final Film: Reflection

Although you can view my film on my website, you can also view it here and on Youtube.  Overall I am quite pleased with the result of this film, it has the feeling I wanted to demonstrate throughout ad technically it actually does work in the way I intended from the beginning with the movement in the images and the narrative, I think the music works well with the message.  

If I could change anything perhaps I would have made this longer, included a more comprehensive history of my memory, however, in a way, I like the brevity, I think perhaps longer would have been too much and I did not want everything just a touch from each moment, a dip in and out through memory. 

I also am pleased with the website even though this still needs more work as it has some issues (text too large in places, not looking the same on all devices - on my own computer at home my name drops off the edge!) I am actually quite glad I did create this as I think this is definitely something I can build on and improve constantly if I am going to use this as my main website - I have directed my domain to the site and once I have completed this I will connect this properly.  

As with anything I do with photographs, I am always slightly amazed at how much I do fall in love with them every time and I think my introduction to the project reflects this.  I hope that you will enjoy watching my film and visiting my website as much as I enjoyed making them!

Final Process for Slow Beauty

To begin I added all my final images to the Movie Maker editor.  I could then begin to move them into place. 

I then needed to add the narrative so I went 'caption' in the home menu and then I went to text editing and set the duration to 7 seconds for each image.  I also changed the font to Palatino linotype for each one

As it was starting to come together I began tweaking the transitions so that the text would fade in and out at the right moment in a fade between images - this took some time as the text would move and lose time so this had to be reset for each every time I moved one as it made the text out of sync

Here you can see the text lined up and then I also faded the music at the end here in the music editor so that it was a slow fade and did not suddenly just stop as this would have been quite jarring to the viewer. 

Did some final checks on the texts, improving the English and making the text flow easily and checking all text was consistent and in the right font.

 Once I had completed this I rendered the video so that it was high quality and saved it to my computer.  I then uploaded it to my website as you can see below.

I changed the portfolio pages so that they were all consistent and added an introduction to each page. 

I also redirected (temporarily) my domain for my website so that this can be found - I have now published and I am just testing this and improving as there are still some tweaks that and one page that I still need to add.

Very pleased however with the finished film - you should now be able to go to and find my website!

Sunday 17 November 2019

Slow Beauty: The Process Begins

I will explain my process for Slow Beauty - I was going, to begin with a storyboard but this does not really work well as I am piecing together memories and images like a jigsaw puzzle so I began by scanning in the images I wished to use.  I have a Canon scanner at home as you can see, I customised the scan to ensure high-quality high-resolution scans:

I then had a bank of images that I wished to put together as these are all of varying quality, light, place and time I had already decided to make these all black and white - for quick edits I am using Picasa which I have used for years as it will quickly and easily find my images and I can make quick easy adjustments.

 Here I used a Black and white filter and just adjusted the contrast slightly on the image.

This image I used auto-contrast, rotated the images and used the black and white filter.

I also cropped a few images to ensure the anonymity of the subject there are things that should always remain in obscurity...

Now I have completed the curation and the editing of the images I should be able to complete the final film edit and narrative which I will be posting very soon!

Erik Satie & The Residents: Anti Music/Experimental Sound

I wanted to discuss the music of Erik Satie (born May 17, 1866, Honfleur, Calvados, France—died July 1, 1925, Paris) and The Residents (a music group who released their debut album in 1972), in relation to my project on memory.

I am looking at these artists as I am interest in how they layer and experient with sound just as I am layering and experimenting with photographs and memory.  Music has the ability to take you anywhere in the mind and so does an image - we create our own stories, call up old memories. The Residents have stayed anonymous for their entire career and this means that their work is not overpowered or interfered with by personality and it something to be hugely admired in these celebrity/self-obsessed days.

This is a film about them: The Theory Of Obscurity: A Film About The Residents

What is interesting about this is about creating a myth, the myth created by obscurity, by stories told, by whispers.  We can all tell our own stories building layers of myth and truth that make up our own story.

Satie also led a strange life mostly in obscurity: 'Film-makers have missed a trick with the life of Erik Satie. A biopic would have pretty much everything: the heart-warming story of a talented but strange man whose early failure and obscurity led to late-in-life celebrity; some acrobatic sex (literally – his one-and-only girlfriend had previously run away to the circus); strong language, violence, scandal and litigation (he was famously irascible, and was imprisoned over a spat with a music critic)' (Bowen M: 01/07/2015) Satie was eccentric and that is why his music was so avant-garde in its experimental nature - using 'high' and 'low' music, sounds and what he called 'furniture music' which is essentially what we have everywhere we go today. 

I want in my own work to explore these ideas much further than I really can in this project but I will try to produce my film on memory and then I do hope that I can explore a larger body of wor that uses more of these ideas of obscurity, eccentricity, and memory.


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Interlude for Fashion: Eckhaus Latta & Gender Neutral Clothing

Eckhaus Latta is another designer who has brought into the gender neutral trend and has created a collection that, yet again, shows that this kind of clothing is not made to make you feel good but make you feel righteous.  The Zoe Report states: 'According to a runway diversity report from The Fashion Spot, the Spring/Summer 2019 casting of models who openly identify as transgender or non-binary reached an all-time high with 91 models walking in a total of 52 shows' (The Zoe Report; 04/07/19).  As part of this rise in gender neutral clothing is the rise in transgender awareness, I do not think that there is anything wrong with awareness per se however there is an anomaly in proportions.   'It is estimated around 1 % of the population may be transgender that is about 650,000 .' (Quora; 13/08/18). So, it seems proportionate that only a very small number of models are actually transgender.  

Eckhaus Latta (2019)

It has now also become a political and social issue in schools with many schools trying to avoid gendered clothing so that children have a right to choose their gender.  However, a backlash has begun and in one school in Lewes the students staged a protest outside the school gates; 'Up to 100 pupils and parents gathered at Priory School in Lewes in a silent protest, after the school sent out a letter at the end of the summer term requiring all students to wear trousers. 
The change to uniform policy, which the school claimed would “address inequality” was met with outrage as parents said the rule made female pupils feel “awful”. 
Female students held up banners that read “choice” while a number of male students turned up in skirts. ' (Carpani J: 06/09/19).  Choice is good but forcing students to be 'gender-neutral' clearly did not work in this instance.  The rise in this kind of clothing is interesting in this age, where generally clothes are blander, reality perhaps not so important as to an image online.  Perhaps the question of virtual fashion becoming more of a trend that real fashion.  This would certainly free us from fast fashion and sustainability issues if trend was only needed virtually!


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Website Updates

Working on the website to try to improve the galleries - particularly the photography gallery as this needed several galleries that it is able to accommodate each project individually.  Also, the final project is a film and this will need to be under the performance section will also need to work in a similar manner. 

Originally I had tried to add all the galleries on one page but this looked very untidy and really did not work - it looked like this:

So I started working on creating buttons from the original portfolio pages and adding links to make these navigate directly under the titles:

I think this works much better and now each project is clearly signposted to the viewer and the button takes them directly to that gallery whilst still retaining a 'homepage' on the portfolio navigation and keeping it clean and simple in the top menu.

The portfolio of conceptual postcards for instance now looks like this - I have added here a button to ensure that the viewer can easily click back to the portfolio main page

I think taht this site is now really starting to work in a user friendly way and is consistent throughout - there are still tweaks needed but overall it is just about ready...

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Website: Mobile View & Adjustments

It is important to check the look of the website in the mobile view as it is likely this is how most people will view the site.  My home page here I have removed the white space between the image and the copyright footer however there is still a small white area underneath that I have yet to be able to remove. I will try to remove this before publishing.

My portfolio pages worked well and everything links into these and scrolls for good navigation. 

The photography section here just needed the title to be made smaller to fit into the page correctly - this I adjusted. 

These writing links I thought were too large and so I made all these links smaller so that the majority could be seen and clicked into as you open this page as below. 

I was happy with the about page as I felt this was easy to read and well laid out 

Although my mouth does not fit entirely on this page I actually still like this and so made the decision to keep this as it is.

Overall I think now the site works really well on the mobile - at the end, this will be tested again when all galleries and projects have been added and prior to publishing 

Sunday 10 November 2019

Experimental Slow Beauty

As you can see here this is a short draft of my idea and how I would like Slow Beauty the final film to look.  The images here work quite well and I chose to use black and white throughout, I lie the soft movement and I think the music serves these images well.  The music needed to be deeper and stronger.  The narrative is still coming together and needs work.  I will continue to work on the storyboard as I have been exploring this using the images that I am unearthing. A lifetime of images....

Movie Maker: Software Investigation

To begin the rendering of my project I will investigate Movie Maker and make a short practice film to explore the possibilities of this software.

Movie Maker is a simple tool for film making and if you are not looking for stunning effects this method really is quite simple - I really do want quiet and simple for this so this is a good way to try this out.

I began by adding my initial photographs to the Movie Maker by just clicking on the Home - add photos or videos. As you can see below this the home menu.  On this menu, I always added titles and captions to each image as I have made the decision to subtitle this film with the narrative

In the next image you can see the titles and also you can see I am on 'animations' in the menu this is where I changed the transitions from shot to shot.  I wanted again a slow and gentle transition - I do not want any hard jumps throughout thsi - I want this to flow like a stream of consciousness or a dream.  Therefore I also changed here the pan and zoom so each shot slowly zooms in closer and then the transition comes in.

Here you can see the effect withe transuition, the caption added and the duration.  I have applied the same pan and zoom to all shots.

Next I added very minor effects to one of the images just to make it sit slightly better with teh other images - just making it less sharp. I added a very minor blur to this and applied the same transitions to this. 

Lastly I added music and some temporary end credit just for this piece.  I used a free music archive which it states you must credit.  I chose Ofelia's Dream as I thought this was sad and dark and matched the mood of the film.  In my next post I will show the final experiment.