Sunday, 17 November 2019

Interlude for Fashion: Eckhaus Latta & Gender Neutral Clothing

Eckhaus Latta is another designer who has brought into the gender neutral trend and has created a collection that, yet again, shows that this kind of clothing is not made to make you feel good but make you feel righteous.  The Zoe Report states: 'According to a runway diversity report from The Fashion Spot, the Spring/Summer 2019 casting of models who openly identify as transgender or non-binary reached an all-time high with 91 models walking in a total of 52 shows' (The Zoe Report; 04/07/19).  As part of this rise in gender neutral clothing is the rise in transgender awareness, I do not think that there is anything wrong with awareness per se however there is an anomaly in proportions.   'It is estimated around 1 % of the population may be transgender that is about 650,000 .' (Quora; 13/08/18). So, it seems proportionate that only a very small number of models are actually transgender.  

Eckhaus Latta (2019)

It has now also become a political and social issue in schools with many schools trying to avoid gendered clothing so that children have a right to choose their gender.  However, a backlash has begun and in one school in Lewes the students staged a protest outside the school gates; 'Up to 100 pupils and parents gathered at Priory School in Lewes in a silent protest, after the school sent out a letter at the end of the summer term requiring all students to wear trousers. 
The change to uniform policy, which the school claimed would “address inequality” was met with outrage as parents said the rule made female pupils feel “awful”. 
Female students held up banners that read “choice” while a number of male students turned up in skirts. ' (Carpani J: 06/09/19).  Choice is good but forcing students to be 'gender-neutral' clearly did not work in this instance.  The rise in this kind of clothing is interesting in this age, where generally clothes are blander, reality perhaps not so important as to an image online.  Perhaps the question of virtual fashion becoming more of a trend that real fashion.  This would certainly free us from fast fashion and sustainability issues if trend was only needed virtually!


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