Sunday 10 November 2019

Movie Maker: Software Investigation

To begin the rendering of my project I will investigate Movie Maker and make a short practice film to explore the possibilities of this software.

Movie Maker is a simple tool for film making and if you are not looking for stunning effects this method really is quite simple - I really do want quiet and simple for this so this is a good way to try this out.

I began by adding my initial photographs to the Movie Maker by just clicking on the Home - add photos or videos. As you can see below this the home menu.  On this menu, I always added titles and captions to each image as I have made the decision to subtitle this film with the narrative

In the next image you can see the titles and also you can see I am on 'animations' in the menu this is where I changed the transitions from shot to shot.  I wanted again a slow and gentle transition - I do not want any hard jumps throughout thsi - I want this to flow like a stream of consciousness or a dream.  Therefore I also changed here the pan and zoom so each shot slowly zooms in closer and then the transition comes in.

Here you can see the effect withe transuition, the caption added and the duration.  I have applied the same pan and zoom to all shots.

Next I added very minor effects to one of the images just to make it sit slightly better with teh other images - just making it less sharp. I added a very minor blur to this and applied the same transitions to this. 

Lastly I added music and some temporary end credit just for this piece.  I used a free music archive which it states you must credit.  I chose Ofelia's Dream as I thought this was sad and dark and matched the mood of the film.  In my next post I will show the final experiment.

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