Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Website Creation Continued

To continue with my website I have now added the contact page.  I chose a form for this and then changed the colours to match the rest of the website and the text so that this also matched the design.

I then went back to my Portfolio main page to add the writing section and to add the writing links.  These are links to my work online where I have written about photography and photographers

I then worked on the home page and changed the title to reflect the rest of the site and I moved the text to align on all the pages and added a background colour.  I also added a photography piece however this gallery will still need more work when I add further pieces - this is what it looks like when you click into the image. 

The galleries are the areas that really need work so I will keep working on these to ensure that these are ready for my project work that I need to add at the end of this term.

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