Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Creating My Halloween Advert

Halloween is almost here so I thought a scary Halloween advert for Transylvania would work well. I started just by sketching out my initial ideas

What I  wanted was to incorporate the idea of visiting Transylvania for a Halloween tour - meet Vlad the impaler, stay in a scary castle etc.  

I started to look at other tourists' adverts to get a feel of how these adverts might look.  

This one was certainly surprising in how bad I thought it was! At the top 'vampire in Transylvania however no really scary images just a woman in traditional dress.  I am not convinced by this that I will meet Dracula at all - most disappointing!

 Source: Transylvania Live

This next one offered a tour from Bucharest to Budapest for Halloween but again - not very convincing I will not be parting with my money here! Scrolling down the sight it actually gets worst with just dates and itinery with nothing to really pull me in. 

Source: Gadventures

The last one from Intrepid Travel again bordered on the boring!  It says that it will be the spookiest Halloween ever but nothing really makes me think that is going to happen and it is £1200 of disappointment!

Source: Intrepid Travel

Well, it seems I definitely have a better idea of how to create a scary, terrifying and truly brilliant Halloween tourist poster here!

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