Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Creating my Halloween Advert

To begin I looked at lots of stock images here - these were from pixabay and petapixel - I liked the idea of a castle and I thought I could Photoshop something from Romania that would work well - I tried this out but actually preferred the image with the girl as I thought the spaces around the image would work well:

I then began to start working on Photoshop I created a new image with a black background like this - so I had a canvas: 

I chose A3 size at 300ppi and made this black by choosing the colour - I also made the canvas landscape as my main image was landscape.

I then opened the image that I wanted to use and then changed this to Black and White by going to Image, Adjustments and then Black and White and then I used the colour balancing sliders to create the effect I wanted here - a deeper red and purple hue. 0I then added the image to my canvas and I began adding the text as above - so the main message is Visit Transylvania with the tagline: 'Meet your nightmares'  I thought this worked really well with the girl looking towards the castle... I used the Text tool here and used the colour picker to change the text colour, I also changed the font and size of my text in the top menu.

I now needed a logo so I found this image and it was the doll that I was interested in so I cropped the dolls head and started working on this. 

I wanted my company to be called 'The dollshouse' and underneath I would put Horror Tours Inc.  This gives it more longevity so it is not just for Halloween. 

I used the text tool again changed the font to Blackadder and made it white so that it would work with the background,  I added this to my main image in the left hand corner but this was far too blue and did not match my image.  Therefore I also changed this to black and white and slightly lowered the opacity to blend this more into the background of my image.  

This is the final result!   Please see my next post for reflection...

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