Saturday 26 October 2019

Slow Beauty: Project Plan

Here, an appropriate image where time has speeded up and the character, played by David Bowie, rapidly ages.  Time does march on...' At its core, though, the film is really about fear of aging and loss of youth. The aging effects on Bowie (done masterfully by Dick Smith) are great and through his condition, there’s real sadness and loss being communicated here.' (Gordon B. 11/09/2012).  Perhaps in my own work this sense of loss will also be present, often wish I could feel the energy I felt when young, now I feel (like in this film) that time is speeding up and the end is much closer.

I actually really love this film as it has Susan Sraradon, Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, Bauhaus, violence and sex - a perfect combination!  Empire magazine disagreed with this: 'The Hunger remains a baffling, obscure effort – too arty to work as a horror film, too pretty-pretty to be a character drama. Tony Scott’s first mainstream directorial credit, it’s the tonyscottiest vampire movie ever made' (Newman K. 01/06/2006) which is a pity they couldn't see the joy in the film!  I love the arty horror and I feel now that there is less beauty being communicated in film as technology stands in the forefront. 

Here is my Project Plan in an attempt to organise time: Slow Beauty: Project Plan

I will update this each week as I go along to ensure that I keep a record of work completed.  As it is the end of Week Four now my next posts will show you the website I have been working on.


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