Sunday 27 October 2019

Website Creation: Home & About Page

I chose a template from Wix to create my site.  I began just by changing the background strip to a generic photography picture from Pixabay just so I could decide how I wanted it to look.  I like the one image on the home page.  Not sure about the title at present but I will consider this further later.

I clicked on the left-hand menu to choose menu and pages and when I had looked at images I chose my own front image which I had taken,  This has a sepia look to it and therefore I considered that those beige/cream colours might work well throughout.

 After doing this I looked at the text, I kept the Cinzel font and have used this throughout.  I also changed the copyright to my own so that this is at the bottom of each page throughout.   I then went to the About page and changed the image and began to wite my Bio and changed the font.

This is the image I changed this to in keeping with the sepia colours I also ghanged the coloured background by right-clicking on the right-side column and find a colour that would work with the image and my home page.

I think the font looks better like this and is larger and easier to read.  The navigation bar probably will also be changed however at the moment I am leaving this until I have decided on how all the pages should work.

I have also started to play with the portfolio - I have added one film and will add photography and writing.. This is the progress so far!

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