Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Creating My Own Sequential Images: What's in my bag? III

What's in my bag? III

My own sequential images are based on an idea that has been used before by artists and photographers for projects.  This is What's in my bag? III as this is the third time I have completed this project however I wanted to do it again so I could dig out my previous two projects and compare my bag and any changes over the years!

What's in my bag was used by the artist Hans Peter-Feldman.  He paid women £400 to give him their bag and their contents to put in an exhibition

hans-peter feldmann

Stephanie, 43, from Paris is a fan of Haribo sweets

Above is how the women's bags looked in the museum.  Feldman 'Through his lifelong dedication to collecting, Feldmann has called attention to the cultural material that surrounds us by gathering images and everyday objects from disparate sources into meticulous installations.' (Rawi M. 11/04/2012)  What is interesting about this exhibition is that there does still seem to be a taboo about women's bags and what is inside them.  The secret contents are revelatory as they tell you about the person, their lifestyle, what they like and do not like and this is what makes this project interesting.

So to begin my own project I took pictures of my own bag in sequence.  I used a Canon 700D and used ISO 400, F4.5 and auto white balance as the room I was taking these in has a mixture of natural and artificial light.  The white balance is still not quite right on these however I will make a decision whether to keep these in colour or to make them black and white for the final images.  There is a good range of shots so I think I will have a sequence that is revealing and will work well fro this project...


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