Sunday, 17 November 2019

Website Updates

Working on the website to try to improve the galleries - particularly the photography gallery as this needed several galleries that it is able to accommodate each project individually.  Also, the final project is a film and this will need to be under the performance section will also need to work in a similar manner. 

Originally I had tried to add all the galleries on one page but this looked very untidy and really did not work - it looked like this:

So I started working on creating buttons from the original portfolio pages and adding links to make these navigate directly under the titles:

I think this works much better and now each project is clearly signposted to the viewer and the button takes them directly to that gallery whilst still retaining a 'homepage' on the portfolio navigation and keeping it clean and simple in the top menu.

The portfolio of conceptual postcards for instance now looks like this - I have added here a button to ensure that the viewer can easily click back to the portfolio main page

I think taht this site is now really starting to work in a user friendly way and is consistent throughout - there are still tweaks needed but overall it is just about ready...

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