Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Final Process for Slow Beauty

To begin I added all my final images to the Movie Maker editor.  I could then begin to move them into place. 

I then needed to add the narrative so I went 'caption' in the home menu and then I went to text editing and set the duration to 7 seconds for each image.  I also changed the font to Palatino linotype for each one

As it was starting to come together I began tweaking the transitions so that the text would fade in and out at the right moment in a fade between images - this took some time as the text would move and lose time so this had to be reset for each every time I moved one as it made the text out of sync

Here you can see the text lined up and then I also faded the music at the end here in the music editor so that it was a slow fade and did not suddenly just stop as this would have been quite jarring to the viewer. 

Did some final checks on the texts, improving the English and making the text flow easily and checking all text was consistent and in the right font.

 Once I had completed this I rendered the video so that it was high quality and saved it to my computer.  I then uploaded it to my website as you can see below.

I changed the portfolio pages so that they were all consistent and added an introduction to each page. 

I also redirected (temporarily) my domain for my website so that this can be found - I have now published and I am just testing this and improving as there are still some tweaks that and one page that I still need to add.

Very pleased however with the finished film - you should now be able to go to and find my website!

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