Tuesday 12 November 2019

Website: Mobile View & Adjustments

It is important to check the look of the website in the mobile view as it is likely this is how most people will view the site.  My home page here I have removed the white space between the image and the copyright footer however there is still a small white area underneath that I have yet to be able to remove. I will try to remove this before publishing.

My portfolio pages worked well and everything links into these and scrolls for good navigation. 

The photography section here just needed the title to be made smaller to fit into the page correctly - this I adjusted. 

These writing links I thought were too large and so I made all these links smaller so that the majority could be seen and clicked into as you open this page as below. 

I was happy with the about page as I felt this was easy to read and well laid out 

Although my mouth does not fit entirely on this page I actually still like this and so made the decision to keep this as it is.

Overall I think now the site works really well on the mobile - at the end, this will be tested again when all galleries and projects have been added and prior to publishing 

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