Sunday, 17 November 2019

Slow Beauty: The Process Begins

I will explain my process for Slow Beauty - I was going, to begin with a storyboard but this does not really work well as I am piecing together memories and images like a jigsaw puzzle so I began by scanning in the images I wished to use.  I have a Canon scanner at home as you can see, I customised the scan to ensure high-quality high-resolution scans:

I then had a bank of images that I wished to put together as these are all of varying quality, light, place and time I had already decided to make these all black and white - for quick edits I am using Picasa which I have used for years as it will quickly and easily find my images and I can make quick easy adjustments.

 Here I used a Black and white filter and just adjusted the contrast slightly on the image.

This image I used auto-contrast, rotated the images and used the black and white filter.

I also cropped a few images to ensure the anonymity of the subject there are things that should always remain in obscurity...

Now I have completed the curation and the editing of the images I should be able to complete the final film edit and narrative which I will be posting very soon!

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