Wednesday 20 November 2019

My Final Film: Reflection

Although you can view my film on my website, you can also view it here and on Youtube.  Overall I am quite pleased with the result of this film, it has the feeling I wanted to demonstrate throughout ad technically it actually does work in the way I intended from the beginning with the movement in the images and the narrative, I think the music works well with the message.  

If I could change anything perhaps I would have made this longer, included a more comprehensive history of my memory, however, in a way, I like the brevity, I think perhaps longer would have been too much and I did not want everything just a touch from each moment, a dip in and out through memory. 

I also am pleased with the website even though this still needs more work as it has some issues (text too large in places, not looking the same on all devices - on my own computer at home my name drops off the edge!) I am actually quite glad I did create this as I think this is definitely something I can build on and improve constantly if I am going to use this as my main website - I have directed my domain to the site and once I have completed this I will connect this properly.  

As with anything I do with photographs, I am always slightly amazed at how much I do fall in love with them every time and I think my introduction to the project reflects this.  I hope that you will enjoy watching my film and visiting my website as much as I enjoyed making them!

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