Monday 14 February 2022

Website Creation: Home Page/Template


This my site that I have been editing.  I chose a Photography template as this is my progression route.  I have changed the name and the title. I did this by clicking on the name and clicking on edit text.  I chose Palantino Linotype for my text this was 60 pts.

I then need to change the picture so I chose a suitable image and did this by right clicking on the background and I clicked on change background.  I uploaded the image and then added to the background.

I also added copyright at the bottom in the footer.  Again I clicked on the text and then edit text and changed the name and the year. 

I then checked my mobile view please see below

As you can see the background did not really work so I right clicked and changed the background by uploading a new image. 

This worked much better and so I also adjusted the title and name and made sure everything was correctly aligned before saving this and flipping back to the desktop view. 

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