Friday 4 February 2022

Chapbook: Planning - Book of Lost Things

 Planning Exercise

  • What is your final idea?  Please explain in two sentences the theme and the form your writing will take.

I will create a chapbook that uses the theme 'lost things' or 'loss'.  I would like to write a small collection of poems and a short fictional story, using a God's Eye View.  I want to use Blurb so that I can have an online and hard copy book.  I used the trade book form to keep the spirit of the chapbook.

  • Considering the form, how do you intend to layout your book pages?

The form will be poetry and prose and I will layout the book with the short story first with an introduction and then a collection of poems with a short introduction.

  • How many pages do you expect there will be?

I expect the book to be 30-40 pages in length - the book is about 6 x 9 inches 

  • Are you going to use images?  Are these your own images (illustrations/photographs) or copyright-free images that you will source?  

 I will use photographs to illustrate the story (either by myself or well-chosen copyright-free images)

  • What is the plan of your time and how much you will need to spend on this?

I will spend between 8-10 hours creating the book, this will be completed over two weekends

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