Sunday, 30 January 2022

Chapbook: Writing the Story

 I am writing the story using Google Docs, I began with my synopsis and in the first chapter, the idea was to set up the story, introduce milk, and start to develop character and place.  I am using a God's Eye View so we can see all that is happening as we follow Milk through her first day...

As I am writing, without an editor I wrote this and then edited and reedited on Google Docs, I then added the final draft to Blurb - below you can see what this looks like and images that I have added.

To read the final draft of the first chapter please click here.

I was happy with the direction the story was taking so I also wrote the second chapter - The Order of St Jude where the journey really begins.  Again I edited and reedited and add the final draft to Blurb.  I am doing this as I go along as there is a short time limit on completion 

The final draft of Chapter Two can be found here

I have started on the poetry and I have now only to complete the final chapter and two poems.  I will also add my further research to complete the process and development of my writing project 

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