Sunday 30 January 2022

Initial Ideas & Milanote: Creating a Chapbook

 This term I would like to create a chapbook which is a small book that can be on any subject.  Often a mixture of poetry or prose and originally sold cheaply on cheap paper.  This project is for Digital Arts and Media Project I, as I am teaching these this term, and this, will be an example of a project.  I will be using my Google drive to write and then I will use blurb to create the book.  This means I should be able to make an E-Book and also a hard copy book.  I will use either stock images and/or my own images to illustrate the book. 

This is my milanote to show my initial ideas and ideas for research. To see this large click here: Zoe's Chapbook Ideas

In my next post I will show some initial research in more detail...

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