Sunday, 30 January 2022

Chapbook: Synopsis

 Synopsis: The Book of Lost Things

Angel by Koolshooters

The small book I would like to create will be the first three chapters of a larger work, this is the beginning to 'The Story of Milk'.  Milk is a 30 something woman who feels life has no purpose. One day Milk finds a small St Jude on her doormat and this leads her to St Jude's church where she meets a monk who asks her to participate in a novena and guarantees her life will change if she does.  The story would then take her on a journey through the nine tasks that the monk sets.  

In this chapbook, I would also like to include a collection of three poems that will be on the subject of loss.

The book will be illustrated through photographs which I will curate to work with the text.

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