Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Creating the Advert: Lost Things

 I will be creating my advert using Photoshop.  Due to the short deadline I will be using a stock image.  When I create the real book I will shoot my own image for the cover. 

I will begin with the logo - this will be created using tailor brands logo generator.  The publisher I will create is called woodpecker publishing and I am hoping to make a simple and effective logo that will match my design well.


I created this logo, I used the woodpecker and grey so that if I used a black and white image this should work well without detracting from the main text.  I had other choices, please see blow however I chose this one and customised it as it was what I wanted for my brand.

Next I chose the image I would use for my background for the book and a blank book template to add to the image.  This will work to add my design to the book and the advertising around this

I then opened Photoshop and created a blank canvas A3 white 300ppi.  

I then added the blank book template and rotated the canvas for a landscape poster.

I then needed to choose an image for my cover  - these were the images I considered: 

I liked the idea of angels and this reminded me of the Wim Wenders film, and I remembered the angels over Berlin.

I chose this image, I then used the text tool and added the title to the window, I change the size using the transform tool and the font I used here was Lucida calligraphy

I then added my name and then selected the image, copied and pasted into my main canvas - I dropped the book template and just stuck with the cover and added teh logo 

I then added a quote from a magazine and hopefully, an advert would have an impact to interested readers!

See my next post for final poster..

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