Sunday, 30 January 2022

The Book of Lost Things: The Beginning

 I am creating my book using Blurb so I downloaded Bookwright and completed the Cover and set up the book ready to add text.

I began by choosing Pro Design 

I then chose 'trade book' as in the spirit of the chapbook this should be a cheaply produced book and small so I chose 6" x 9".

I then chose the paper, here I chose white uncoated paper for colour as I have not yet decided on the photographs.  I also chose imagewrap in hardcover which made this slightly more expensive but should give a really good finish to the final book.

I then added my project title and I was ready to get going!  

I started wth teh front and back covers and the initial pages with copyright.

I also added a free ISBN number as then this can be sold.  

Here you can see the copyright the photographic credits and my beginning of a contents page.
Now to begin the writing!

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