Wednesday 12 January 2022

Class Sequential Images

 In class we created a set of sequential images in pairs.I created mine with... 

The concept for my sequential images was lambs in Spring.  The idea was I could show the movement and expression of the lambs as a practice project and to see how this worked creatively.

I used a Olympus E3 DSLR camera to take these images.  I used an ISO of 500, F5.6 aperture and shutter speed of 1/800

I then used Pixlr to create a canvas to present my images on my blog in a professional manner.

Next I opened my images in Pixlr to check these and edit for quality control

I cropped all my images using the crop tool 

IU also checked the lighting and quality to make sure they all looked consistent


I selected each image using 'select all' and then edit - copy and then I pasted into my canvas.

I then added text using the text tool on Pixlr

I changed the font Adolfine and the font size to 120 for the title and 100 for my name.  I also made the text bold and left aligned the text for presentation.

Here is my final image that I have created for this practice 

Reflection: I was happy with my final presentation of my images.  This is a good practice using digital editing editing software.  In my final images I will plan and create a real concept that will express sequential photography that will look professional and have a deeper concept. 

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