Monday 21 February 2022

Biteable Video: CV

 Today we are making a short video which will promote ourselves.  To this we are using Biteable video software online.  I began by choosing a template

I then changed the photo by uploading a new photograph of myself and adjusting the frame. I Also changed the Background colour by going into Style in the menu and adjusting there.  I changed the text colour and added my name by clicking on this.

I changed the animation colours by going into animation colours on the left hand menu and this adjusted all the animations colours throughout the video 

I then added my 'Could I be the next Art Director' and added a short video of a fashion shoot.  I lengthened the timeline to make sure that the text was readable and clear. 

I then went to my first reason, again I adjusted the time length to ensure it was readable.   I changed the text and text colour and then checked the edit was working with another uploaded video.

I repeated as above on 'Know how to get things done' - the most important steps now are keeping this consistent and visually interesting 

I completed my final promotional slide using the same techniques as above

I finally added music and the video was complete!  Please go to my next post for the final video 

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