Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Website Creation: Home Page & Contact Page

 Today I set up my website using wix.  I began by choosing a template which suited my progression route which is Photography.

I have chosen the above template to edit.

I have changed the image by right clicking on the background and clicking on Manage Media, I could then upload my own image and replace the template image. 

I then changed the copyright by clicking on the text box and then clicking 'edit text'.  I also got rid of pages that I did not need by going to into the menu on the left hand side and then clicking on the the three dots and deleting each unwanted section/page.

I created a contact page and I connected my mail by using the wix form and editing the email to ensure that it was connected to my email. 

I then saved all my work so that it was ready and I would not lose anything.

Now I am checking my mobile view and seeing if it needs adjusting

Under the gallery of my own picture the site has pother pictures so I will remove this so that only my own pictures appear.  Otherwise this is looking good. 

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