Thursday 9 November 2023

Software Practice: Ruby Tuesday

 I created a video in Clipchamp, this was a two-shot edit.  The two pieces of film footage I acquired from Pexels and are copyright free.  One was of a rose and the other a woman on a car.  I used the red coloured theme to create Ruby Tuesday. 

Ruby Tuesday By Zoe Van-de-Velde

I created this on Clipchamp.  I began by importing media using the top left-hand menu.  I imported my two clips and the music that I intended to use was from the Free Music Archive.  

I then began by adding two Text boxes (Typewriter template) to add my Title with a black background, I adjusted the duration using the right-hand menu and the font to Playfair display.  I then added both clips split them and rearranged them so that the edit was fairly quick.  I then went to transitions in the left-hand menu and added crossfades and adjusted the fade in and out so that this would work with the flowers and the woman.  I then added three new text boxes at the end, the same as the beginning ot add credits.  I added the music and then previewed and adjusted it before exporting it to my computer as an MP4.  Once I had done this I added to my YouTube channel and then added here to my blog. 

This was a practice and demonstration so it is a little rough and ready but it shows how a very simple edit can be effective. 

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