Wednesday 1 November 2023

Software & Editing Ideas and Practice

 I wanted to consider how I would like my film to look and to think about the sort of mood I wanted to create for my film and as I am a fan of Bauhaus (The Band) I thought a short clip that worked with music would be good to create. Songfacts states; 'This was the first single from Bauhaus. The song, which is a very dark 9-minute epic on the death of a vampire, is considered the true start of the gothic subculture. The song's horror-esque lyrics along with the many eerie effects and monotone sound were standards for the rise of gothic music.' (, 2023)  I liked the idea of a kind of gothic feel for the practice and I sought out this kind of music on the Free Music Archive.  here it states there is a monotone sound I will be going for a monotone look which I think may work for this practice.

Bella Legosi is Dead by Bauhaus (1982)

I thought I would use Clipchamp as per my project sign off and as I can work on this online and at home on my desktop.  It is fairly simple to use and I did not want a particularly complicated edit.

I began by choosing several clips from Pexels but I got this down to two clips as for practice I wanted a a very clear message as there was no commentary - it is more like a music video.  

I added the clips to Clipchamp just by importing them into 'my media in the left-hand menu

As can be seen, I imported more clips than I needed as I was still deciding which clips would really work together and I couldn't do this until I put them together on the timeline. 

I then added as my first clip a black background which I just used from ClipChamp and a text box so that I could add the title.

I then added my first clip which is of a woman dancing - this clip I use this all the way through and essentially just use the split tool to split the clips and create gaps to add in my other clip of the skull which I also split into pieces and inserted into the film. 

I then changed all the film footage to black and white using filters on the right-hand menu and then choosing 'muted black and white' 

I then went to each edit and went to 'transitions' on the left-hand menu and added a crossfade for just over 2 seconds so that the fade merged with the girl's face. 

I checked each fade was working and then I added Credits at the end so I could credit the film clips to the makers on Pexels and also the music I chose which was from the free music archive.

I then added the music on a separate timeline and added a fade in and out at the beginning and end.

I then exported the video to my computer as an MP4 as a high quality HD film.  I also created a link so it can be access here as well. 

Uncertain Times

This is my final practice film 'Uncertain Times' (Version One) It was too large to upload straight from my computer therefore I added this to my YouTube Channel - Please see the final cut below!

Uncertain Times, Edited by Zoe Van-de-Velde (2023)

This was a good practice and it helped me to think about how I wanted to make my longer final piece in terms of mood, style, and message.  The editing process was fairly simple and I wanted to keep it this way in my final film.  It is a little rough around the edges and in the final film, I will spend longer on each edit to ensure they are even smoother.  I was pleased with the music choice as this does work well with the film and the crossfades are definitely going to be a feature in my final work.  

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