Wednesday 8 November 2023

Footwear Experimentation Example

 In this post, I was just experimenting with footwear and looking at the anatomy of the knee-high boot and looking at color and texture using Photoshop. 

As you can see I had a selection of sketched knee-high boots and I added colour by using the quick selection tool and adjusting using the add and minus functions in the top menu.  I then changed the colour and used the paint bucket tool to add colour in sections.  I also used filters and 'noise to create texture, I can experiment more to make this more subtle or more textured in my final collection.  I also kept some white areas and tried to ensure that there was a reflection of the material and that the boot looked 3d.  I studied the anatomy of the boot so that I could discuss this further in my research. 

This was just a practice now I will begin working on my own designs and I will begin considering a colour palette and the structure, form and materials I will use on my designs. 

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