Tuesday 7 November 2023

Software Practice Photoshop: Portfolio Concept

 Today we are creating our portfolio introduction page with the concept of my project on Photoshop.  I will begin by creating a blank canvas to work on.  I did this by opening Photoshop I clicked in new file and this opened a dialog box.  In the box I clicked on print in the top menu and chose A3.  I then checked that the resolution was 300ppi, this creates a high quality resolution. I then chose the orientation as landscape as I am doing film and photos and these will be landscape. I then chose a custom background colour of slightly off white which I think will work for my portfolio page. 

I then added an image from my desktop.  By clicking on File and then Open, I then went to Select in the top menu and then Select All and then I went to Edit in the top menu and then copy.  I then clicked back onto my canvas tab and then clicked on Edit and paste. I then clicked on the move tool at the top of the left hand menu and then I clicked on Show transform controls in the top menu.  I then could move and enlarge image so that it worked on the page. 

I then added my title, I clicked on the Text button in the left hand menu and then I clicked into the canvas.  I then changed the font by clicking into fonts in the top menu.  I used Bookman Old Style 60pt and then I added my own name underneath in smaller font of 30pts

I then created a logo of and used the brand name De Velde Productions and I liked the tagline of 'The All Seeing Eye' I then added this to Photoshop.  I clicked on Open and then I repeated the steps I took for adding the image. 

I then used the text tool to and clicked onto the canvas and changed the size to 24pts and kept the font the same. I then wrote my introduction to my project.

This still needs work but is a good practice for the portfolio concept.

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