Thursday 2 November 2023

Project Plan: Uncertain Times (Final Version)

 This is my project plan with timeline for the coming weeks (weeks 5-9) this will assist me in organising my time and work to complete by the deadline of 7th December 2023. I created this plan using Venngage Infographics.

Please find my Project Plan: Uncertain Times here

Project Plan Update - 21/11/23

To update and consider the work and how I have managed this over time I went back to my project sign-off from Week Four and Looked at what I had completed

  • Project Sign off post - complete
  • Initial Research post - complete
  • Project Plan - Complete Updating Now
  • At least three research posts on other artists/designers - Lee Miller, Daido Moriyama, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Website Research on Katy Grannan and Corrine Day, Sense 8
  • A post on your target market - Ideal Customer Infographic 
  • at least three process posts - this will include contacts, technical details of original images and sourcing stock images, editing film and finalising  - Collecting Stock Images, Editing Film, Editing Decisions post
  • Technical research post on software you will use - Software Practice on Photoshop, Software practice on Clipchamp
  • Post on creating your portfolio - Completed website portfolio, Introduction and added the portfolio
  • Finalising your portfolio and adding to your website - Completed 

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