Saturday 18 November 2023

The Final Edit: Uncertain Times

 I have collected most of my stock videos and now I want to put this together for the final edit. I will again use Clipchamp and I am sticking with my theme of Uncertain Times.  

I chose my final clips which were two clips of a girl dancing in a nightclub, a boy with a gas mask, grey smoke, an explosion and a man with human rights on his back.  

I began by uploading my clips by clicking on 'import media'.  

I then added the videos to the timeline.  I just clicked on the 'add' button on the clip and then move the clips into place. 

I then because cutting videos into the correct edits, I did this using the cutting tool

I then began adding transitions.  I used the cross fade throughout, I just dragged this to the timeline and clicked where I wanted to add these.

I then added a muted black and white filter to each clip to get the look I wanted for the film. I did this by clicking on Filters in the right hand menu and then the chosen filter. 

I also added the titles and credits I clicked on the Text icon on the lefthand menu and chose typewriter.  I chose crimson text font and then added the correct credits for the film clips and music I had chosen.  I also used the fade in and out function in the left hand menu for the end credits and the end of the film.  

I also added the music to the timeline, this was from the music archive and it was the same music from my practice as I believe it worked really well. This was an MP4 file.

Once I had checked and rechecked the video and ensured there were no gaps or cuts that were too long, I went to export video.  I changed the title and exported this in high quality HD.

Once it was downloaded to my computer I uploaded this to my YouTube channel - this was going to take a while so I left this to complete and did something more interesting!

When this is completed I will be uploading to my website.  I will reflect on the complete film in my next post.

Please find my completed film here: Uncertain Times

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