Tuesday 7 November 2023

Photoshop: Class Practice Portfolio

 Today we looked at Photoshop and how to create a page in our portfolio depending on progression route.  I began by opening Photoshop and creating a canvas to work on.  I created two canvas One in Landscape and one in portrait both A3 in size. One I created with a white background and one in pink.  I did this by clicking on new file and then in dialog box 'Print'. I chose A3 and then the orientation and then background colour and clicked on create.

My next job was to pick an image and then add it to my canvas I did this by choosing a digital asset from Unsplash and Pixabay I added Interior design image by clicking on open and then choosing the file from my computer I then clicked select and select all and then copy and then going to back to my canvas I pasted this in.  I then clicked on show transform controls in the top menu and then adjusted the image to the size I wanted on canvas 

I then added the title of my projects, using the Text tool in the left hand menu.  I just clicked on the tool and then clicked into my canvas and then changed the font and the size of the font.  In the Interior Design Canvas I used centaur at 60pts and added a subtitle at 36pts.  On the fashion I used Copperplate Gothic Gold 72pts.

Then went to and created two logos with my brand name De Velde Design.  I customised each logo and then downloaded and uploaded to my canvas and used the move tool and the transform controls to put this in place. 

I then added another text box and wrote the introduction to my projects, this is not complete and I will return to these when I have completed my work and adjust according. 

I have saved both of these as a psd file so that I can edit later.

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