Thursday 16 November 2023

Creating a Website: Portfolio/Gallery Page

 Today I created my Portfolio front page, I did this so that I could add projects as I go through the year.  My first step was to click on the left hand menu and click on 'Pages and Menu'.  I then went to Portfolio and removed the template collection and associated links. 

I then went to the 'Add' button and went 'Text' and added a Heading and changed the font to Palantino Linotype at 70 pts

I then changed the image and edited so I had a small square box to fit onto my page I did this by uploading my image to Wix and then going into the image editor and clicking on 'Crop and Edit'

I then added my new image to the page and added a 'button'  I did this by going to the plus sign in the menu on the left hand side and then going to 'Button' and then dragging and dropping into my page 

I then went to the menu and added a new page which will be my project page for this term I renamed it 'Uncertain Times' and then dragged it under the Portfolio and made this into a subpage.  I then went back to back to the button and added a link to the button to my project page. 

I then previewed to check that the link worked and that the navigation is good ready for the upload of my project.

I then added a 'Back to Portfolio Button on my project page and changed the font and colour to make sure it was clear that this was a button to return to my front portfolio page.  I previewed and tested this to make sure it worked 

I then went back to Portfolio Page and edited the button there to be consistent with same font and button and adding my project title I previewed again and checked it worked.

I then tested the gallery by adding an appropriate gallery for my work, in this case it was a film so I clicked on the add button and went to Videos.

I chose the YouTube Video as my Video is on my YouTube channel  I added and then I tested this out my saving and clicking on Preview and clicking on the video. 

I then clicked on the add button again and added Text as a paragraph and then pasted in my Introduction which I wrote in week six. I changed the font again to be consistent then I saved and previewed this 

Lastly, I checked the mobile view I changed the text size and button size to fit the page better.  I lined up the title and button so that it was centre aligned and move the video to the top so it was the first thing the viewer saw rather than the introduction. 

I will update next week when I add my final project.  I think that the design and layout works and I am happy with this at the moment. 

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