Sunday, 30 June 2019

Object Lesson

The object of the object lesson is to pick an object and think of ideas that can be drawn from this for a project.  Here I placed all my ideas on a Milanote board:

To view this board in a larger view please click here. On this board, I explored the ideas from the starting point of a artists mannequin and I looked at; Bernard Faucon, Hans Bellmer and The Chapman Brothers as these artists all use dolls and mannequins to disrupt, disturb and question.

Project Ideas that have come from this are: 

1.  A photographic project that uses mannequins as the artists do here to wake the viewer 
2.  A digital photographic project that will manipulate images to create a new form of life in a series/collection something future human.
3. Use the body parts to create a sculpture, embed the sculpture with eyes/cameras that will watch the viewer watching the sculpture. 

In my next post, I will choose one of these ideas to explore over the next week to see if this will work as a project throughout the term...

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