Sunday, 20 September 2020

Welcome to a New Term: Autumn 2020

 Welcome to a New Term: Autumn 2020.  Normally I would introduce the term by saying that I intend to create a project with the students however I have been doing this now over the years and so I am going to retire myself from the project making and concentrate on giving examples throughout the term of how to use your blog, how to research and how to really develop work in art, design and media.

However, I will begin with an inspirational image from the book The Invented Eye: Masterpieces of Photography 1839-1914 by Edward Lucie-Smith.

Notman Studios, Bake-Oven, Chateau de Ramezay, Montreal

This photograph is by the Notman studios founded by William Notman (1826-1891 - Born in England, but active in Canada from the mid-1950s onwards) His studios created a vast amount of images at the time. I chose this image just for its stillness, the beauty of the man alone sitting by the oven, contemplating.  The emptiness and of the place ads to the serenity, there is no clutter or chaos just these vast empty rooms.  The lighting is perfect with the man casting a long shadow across towards the fireplace and the shadow cast across the floor in-between the bright skylights where the sun is shining in.  The composition with the beautiful framing of the door within the door, the rule of thirds with the man sitting perfectly to balance the image.  Beautifully shot and beautifully still I could contemplate this image for hours.  

I am looking forward to seeing your inspiring images and hopefully, this will tell me something about you and what you are interested in.  


Lucie-Smith E. (1975) The Invented Eye: Masterpieces of Photography 1839-1914. Paddington Press Ltd, London.

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