Thursday, 4 August 2022

Software Test: Photopoetry

 Today we were testing the software for our projects, for my own project I was going to use Photoshop as it should work well for the image/text piece that I am creating this term. I will be using my own images to complete this experimental piece.  These are the images I am gong to use and the properties of the images - I took these on my Samsung phone.  All the settings were the same for consistency.

1/50, F1.8, ISO 250

                                                                  1/50, F1.8, ISO 250

On Photoshop I created a new canvas by clicking on 'new' then 'Print' and I chose A3, on the dialog box I changed the resolution to 300 and chose a black background and made this portrait.

I then opened the first image I was going to add, I used the clone stamp tool to clean up some blemishes on the image.  I then checked the levels and light using curves and I made a very minor adjustment making the images slightly lighter so the image would 'pop'

I then used the Text tool and added text in a new layer.  I chose Palatino Linotype and 24 pts and changed the text to white so that it could be seen on the black canvas. I then added another layer of 

I then added my second image and completed the same process with text and image - I used the move tool to move the text around so I could experiment further with layout.

This is the final piece of this layout, the words are just an experiment and are not the words I will use in the final piece.  I will now try a different layout with different images and words to see what this looks like. 

I also tried a different layout using a white canvas and experimented with different sizes and text.

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