Sunday 13 January 2019

Developing an Idea from Rejected Altarpieces: Feet & Flowers

To explore the feet and hands as depicted in the rejected Caravaggio images I started to create some photographic images.

The contact sheets for these are here:

The final images that I have chosen for the study which I felt expressed the realism and naturalness that I was after are these: 

This study shows the detail of the flesh and the details of the lily, the lines on both work well in the image.  The high key set up has meant that the light is even and there is minimal shadow against the black background which is similar to the first Caravaggio with Saint Matthew and the here the figures stood out and the viewer was entirely concentrated on the faces, feet and hands which gave the intensity of the feeling the images.  

These images, I believe, are really quite exquisite and I do think that there is something here that could be explored further. ...

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