Saturday, 12 January 2019

Final Work & Reflection on App

Completed pages and navigation on my app for a Dictionary of Photographers.

The app itself worked well and in testing this could be a very good app however in the time given here this could not be completed as a 'dictionary as I could only make so many listings therefore I have chosen not to publish as this is not a final working app but as a test it showed me that this could be a great project and over time this could be a great app for students and those interested in photography generally.  Below are examples of the pages I have made.  The layout and design I thought worked well and the navigation and additional features such adding social networking features, a gallery for uses to add their own images, contact me page, about page.  The listings themselves as they used images from the photographers may have copyright issues and this would also need to be checked if it went into the public domain.  The images here obviously belong to the photographers or whomever has the rights to these images and that is another reason why publication on an app would have to be researched carefully and permissions sought.

I would create another app in the future however I think this is a longer more in-depth project that would use my own images and would perhaps be for a different use.  Great to learn something new and to try out new software online and I will continue to explore this in future projects. 

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