Wednesday 28 November 2018

UX Testing My Website

UX testing is an important part of the process of creating a User Interface Design as this gives an idea of how the end-user finds the interface and whether they enjoyed using it, whether it was useful and how satisfied they were with their experience.  I have created a feedback form on Google Forms that I would like to embed into my navigation bar so that I can UX test my website - this is the form I created

Feedback and UX Testing

I opened Google Forms and then added a title and created my first question, I clicked on the left hand drop down box and chose multiple choose questions.  I then added the choices I wanted.  I then duplicated the first question with the duplicate icon at the bottom of the page and then changed this for my second question I repeated this process until I had completed all the multiple choice question and then added two questions at the end which required a written answer. 

I then customised the form by going to the paint palette in the right hand corner and changed uploaded my own image and change the colour scheme. 

The form is now ready for use on my Wix Website - I wanted a form that would be on the website so that all users would be able to easily find this and test my website whilst on the website itself so I embedded the link into the navigation bar. 

I was pleased with how easily this worked and how it looked on the site and I managed to get 24 response in the first instance from this testing.  

Here is my feedback:

From this feedback I can see that although people mostly thought my homepage was 'good' only some thought it was excellent therefore I need to consider what changes I might make to improve this - I am hoping i will find further information on this in the comments section.

The majority did think the navigation was excellent so I was pleased with thsi result as I thought teh navigation worked well.

The majority thought the portfolio -gallery pages were excellent so again I was pleased with this result as this means the work I am showcasing works well in this presentation format.

Again with the Bio page the majority thought  it was 'good' rather than excellent so I do need to consider this page again and see what i can do to improve this.  

This split the user testers which did not surprise me as personal taste about the look of something is just that...

The majority tested on a desktop PC or Mac so I do think I need to further user testing just on mobile devices.

Some good comments here and some that are useful about the font choices, adding more galleries and some good feedback I will reconsider my website design and show the changes once I have thought of the best way to improve as per this feedback.

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