Sunday, 4 November 2018

Creating a FlipBook: Yumpu

Here I will explain how I created a flipbook using Yumpu - the idea here is that I was testing this online software and how this could be used on my Wix website.

I chose a fairly simple book to create - a little book of light painting...

The first things I needed to do was create the pages fro this book on Photoshop.

I first created a title page - this was done through creating a new A3 canvas with a black background at 300dpi.  I then used Tragan Colour which is 3D gold lettering as I though it suited the light painting.

I then began creating the pages from archived images of light painting that I thought would come together well as a collection. 

I wrote an introduction using the same method as above with same typeface...

I then began adding images to pages so I created a new A3 Black canvas in landscape at 300 dpi for each page.  I then changed the original image size to fit the page.  I went into Image - Image Size. I then adjusted the image and made sure that it worked on the page and then added text where I felt was appropriate using the Text from the toolbar menu and adjusting the size of the font accordingly. 

Here is one of the pages as an example - I will not post all pages here as you will be able to see this as the full flipbook in my website.

I then select all the files I would like to create into a book and I convert these file to PDF format as this is what the Yumpu needs...

I used an online jpeg to pdf converter to achieve this 

After converting these files I can then upload my files in pdf format to Yumpu which converted these into a flipbook. 

  I then went to the embed and used the embedded link on my website pages like this...

I went to menus and pages and instead of add page I went to the link icon.

I then added the embedded link from yumpu and then this created a new page with an embedded link on the menu - I changed the name of the page and then clicked on done.

I then could test this out by previewing the link and it took the user directly to my light painting flipbook. 

I like the idea of a flipbook for some projects as I think this would work well - in this case I had to create a story with the photographs so that there was a reasoning behind the images and this brought them together - again with more time and different images I would probably have made a more portfolio book of images which would I think be an improvement.

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