Sunday, 4 November 2018

Biteable Practice Video

While testing out different software for classes and for different continuation routes I also made a quick Biteable Video

I went into the Biteable site and signed up for the free stuff only!  This does mean that it will contain the watermark and it cannot be downloaded however it can still be embedded and used as a link.  Biteable works on templates like wix so you can edit a template as much as you wish to create what you are after - please note as I was just practicing this and trying out this is not a high level piece of work - so no judgement please!  This is how I did this ..

Go to the Biteable site

Click on Create and choose what sort of animation, cartoon, video you would like to make - I chose an explainer video as this would work for what I intended...

I clicked into the link and chose a template as below..

The template I was using was an IT support ad but it had elements that I liked and wanted to use....I began changing some of the wods, the fonts and the colours - I also changed the audio and added a scene at the end - as this is a quick edit I would like to show you this in class.

you will see the purpose of the logo in my final edit...

I got the embed link to be able to link this anywhere - I could add to my website as I showed previously on my last post or I could show you as a link here...

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